err im excited but still not

yey in a few days it's xmas which means
"uli nako amo!"
too bad my cousins will be in
ozamiz until new year.
oh well come what may.
the only thing im worried about is what
would happen before the 25th.
gudlaaksss.yep i definitely need this
one or sumthin else really close. :)
merry christmas!



nope. the sky wasn't smiling on my day.
was in an unusual place when midnight came.
but this year was different from the rest. haha



abi nimo ikaw ra.booo!!!


why im here

or why we were even here! haha
pat visits manila for an animation convention.
next time napud pat! :)


musical toyerrzzz

wooh. can somebody give me some of these???!


just visit any artwork store for more details
and for your registration. :)


i love my browser

chromeeeelykeeee! :)



i haven't been able to blog about the crazy storms that hit manila.
i already had a draft, but thought i had to delete it anyway. don't feel like posting about the storms and so on. been to lazy too talk about it. i had been repeatedly sharing it with my family and other people i know. haha tapolaaan jiiya. anyway what's important is that we were safe. only a little water entered our house and we didn't have to worry about overflowing roaches[this could have happened in our previous apt]. preparing for pepeng was quick but we were still scared about the possible damage it might cause and so on. thank god it didn't have to cause soo much damage as ondoy. and now here we are, people still cleaning up the mess these storms had brought, try to get things back to normal. but hopefully people would learn about the experience...yaw nalagi daw pataka labay styro ingon c lé! hehe...hopefully people would wake up and take action to minimize such disasters... coz i definitely don't want to feel such panic as we did on that saturday morning.
this was saturday night black out. as much as i wanted to read a book, i can't. it's way tooo dim. light drawing nalang :)


"germs". what a coincidence, i just talked to my niece this morning saying that she cropped her photo because of "germies"..that would have to be the stuff that grows irritatingly on your face and is pretty much in season during one's period.nyahaha. xD


natang-tang nsad!

contact lenses are never hassle-free.
sure you could go on seeing things without
having to wear bulky eyeglasses whatsoever...
whatever..booo.it's just annoying most of the time.
now i have to buy a new pair.
now i have to go half blind throughout the afternoon.
now i'd have to cover my left eye to avoid headache.
now.now.now.i don't know.
now even my illo's not accurate. left eye gani.bogo.


lights pleeez

after being sooo exhausted from the set-up yesterday
i was able to have a lazy morning all by myself...at home.
what more could be exciting than be stuck at home without
any dvds?haha boring. bibis(hapi birthday!) forgot to bring
stewie yesterday so i was stuck with nothin but local TV and
some old DVDs.after being sooo bummed with nothing to
watch on TV i decided to explore mee camera. and viola!
ended up light painting. hahaha. ignoi.
too bad nagtinapolnsad ko. kani lang sa..

...i should get meeself that lightspraypaint made..hahaha.xD



it's his birthday on the ninth.talking about triple 9.though he's not turning 9 yet.
dear sipibum's getting older.
kids grow up so fast and im missing the days we spent together...tooo much.
my last long summer in cebu was spent
with two september birthday celebrants.
this one goes first.
when i quit my job last 2008, i was soo free
i was always available to babysit or just hang-out at my cousin's house.
her youngest, sipi, was the one always present whenever im around. always there to make noise
and make every babysitter's life..ummm..okay nlang.
he's the sekoletol(chicken little) whom you can talk anything under the sun..the one whom i don't have to think of what to say/ask/etc...
very demanding most of the time, but he's also the one i dont' have to hesitate to scold.(coz everybody's doing it?)
i'm always thinking he's five. and will be five forever..
and he'll be turning six tomorrow.
then the next year he'll be seven..and so on.
oooh. just look at him when he sleeps soo serene. wake him up and you'll go nuts!hahaah joke.
miss you sipibum!happy birthday!aylaabyusooomach!



monday.no work.and we thought we don't have to go to apitong. wrong.our boss got excited last week when she thought about a drawing session. and just like any other planned outside work
activity i thought "dili nsad na madayun eyy.."|||"uulan yan!"hahahha xD. eventually it pushed through..nyahaha i arrived late coz i was not able to set my alarm the night before. was kinda hesitant to join the session coz i know for sure i suck real baaad at DRAWing.!
i do enjoy drawing but my skills are sooo..
never mind.nyahaha. xD

but really, it was fun having such session.
yah i didn't get to experience things like these so it was still an opportunity.blahblah.
nalingaw lang jud ko sa limited time sketches or whatever it's called when we are only given a few minutes to sketch our model.haha. pinaka-alegre ang 3 mins!wala nai mga ulo ug nawng!hahaaha the last part was to draw a portrait of tope.hala good luck!

...since i also suck at blog layouts ill just add the captions here:
1.katawa-katawa lang kunohai
2.ate tin&kuya arnel waiting..
3.waiting por d modiil
4.some decent portraits
5.haha cartoons?!



it's already september.
it's been a month since...
my first year here.haha
good2x. :) achievement.yes!
ber-months na naman. expected
climate..bugnaw2x? unta.
but since global warming's going big
time. sorry.climate change blahblah.
...updates: *new nonstick pan made cooking
sooo easier.haha.*replaced the broken small
plastic stool. now i won't have painful knees
when washing my shoes|slippers.weeee! :)
*will be eating prutas|gulay everyday to avoid
any problems caused by too much delatas.tsktsk.
*two weekends to go before iggod's bday celebraxon!
haha ceybooo woohoo!*finally hapit na mahuman
ang 6 ka tshirt.maytag maapruv naaaa...xD.*happier
salary?i guess.haha.motivator.bayad otang.tigom!!!
*and now all i wish is good health! haha :) okay.


from yesterday

it's been a long time since i used my cam
for anythin and even nonsense...this one
i don't know....
my "cheer-up" team. haha murag buang.
not all of them though...



it's been over a week.
still i can't think of any.

boring na kau ako utok.
"walai ideas dira mam?!"




it had been more than two months
since the movie was supposed to be
released. nahuman nalang ang transformers,
icae age, harry potter, ug uban pa wala pajud ni!
hahahaha! nakakita nalang kos sugod sa filmhill..wa japon
neeehowz..the wait's over! will be watching UP
this weekend! weeeh! hopin it won't disappoint meee.xD



just drank the last of the 3 most powerful drug.
haha kidding. it worked! sort of.buyag-buyag.
at least the shocking price on this one was worth it. :)



nope im not trying to clear my throat to get attention.
coughing for more than three days is making me sick.
woke up 3 times last nightmiddle of the night just because of it.
then i have to change sleeping position just to be able to breathe.
darn this sickness is such a hassle. and now i have to purchase a
300pesopertablet meds just to get rid of it.waaaah. haaay.
anyhooo..payday's this weekend. i just hope it wn't be delayed.
hehe.and yes i hope this coughing would all end so that i could go back
to eating all the junk and sweets i've been craving for days!
so let's pray that dear zithromax would work.:)


i am a farmer

nope im no longer busy with the set-ups.
we're all stuck in the office.
been busy with somethin else.
joined two weeks ago and eventually
got stuck just like the rest of those i
knew who's playin the game..ehehe
even our manager's addicted with it.
..."harvest mo?"


set-up extras

june, it's set-up month again...

and one needs a lot of patience
with all the waiting..long travels..and freakin traffic...
and even late comers.haha

meee battered shooos :)

hahayy..dugayan na sales...


end of may-o thoughts

didn't go on doing an entry for IF for weeks.
been tooo lazy to think about what to
make for the given theme. i guess a lot
happened for this month..
i complained a month ago about somethin else.
was it a month ago or so. basta.
and by the end of this month i got a few answers.
yep. and still i have to decline. coz i want to.
but still it insists. ambot nalang. letseee what'd happen.
vague?yep everything else is unclear to me as well.



a time when we were watching television with a cousin
when he suddenly spoke up in a very loud voice that
this certain guy singing was "cheter"...we were
wondering what he meant by that until he cited another
personality who was also doing "cheter"..hahahaha..
then we realized that what he meant was actually theater..xD


suma naunsa na.

if only i could really react and be completely violent with everything that it was trying to throw on me! atay! is all i can say for now coz i don't want it to see me affected of whatever it's trying to do as of now. really gets on my nerves. bravo for it. done a great job. could it really be that bad??? i mean the thing that i said or my reaction yesterday/last night?!?!? boooo!!!dunno. im just really irritated right now that i can't tell anybody of such. hayyy ambot nalang jud. pagkairita.. unsa nalang kaha if dili lang mi ing-ani samot na pagkalisura nalang jud tingayyy... ing-ana diay ni?! okay. atay.


now i know

and yes...i found out yesterday that i wasn't following instructions.
haha.that's why..xD



was too bummed last week
coz i can't find my post for IF in their website.
somethin must've gone wrong..
will try next week.haha



dreams..most of it are just fleeting in our sleep.darn.



and why do we have to work tomorrow?
duh.wednesday pa ugma.
it's only a day to go before the declared holidays.
boo for gloria for not including saturday as a holiday.
[we had to work last monday to have a long weekend]
a lesson learned.no ice cream before sleeping.ahaha
hopefully makatulog nako rong gabii intawn kai kapoi
kaayo sakit pa kaayos ulo!!!huhuhuhu
and yey will be packing na diay for katkat bukid!
wooohooo. aww thursdii pa diay :)


new addition

monsters vs aliens are currently screening
in our nearest cinemas.
since mcdonald's happy meal's promoting
the movie, why not grab one! hahaha
*nonsense nsad na yawyaw***
booored gahapon sa hapon...mao na..

the eyes..haha
now it's open..

it's about to close again


friendly kuno oh.ahaha


the brighter side****

too many things had happened for the past few days.
no time to think..ayyy ambot. anyway..
let's put those things aside nalang muna...again!
took these durin the drive balik manila from pampanga set-up.
the sun's still up hidin' behind...lalalala******



i did promise two posts before that i would have a notebook where i could doodle just about anythin that pops out from my mind. what happened? well, i was able to buy the notebook...scribbled a few..then a few days later...no more...nyahaha..just been to busy to at least scan the doodlerzz..nyaahaha.. maybe.. next time nalang!


post mid-jan

another day at work.
not everybody's present in the photos though.
solos only.nyehehehe.xD
this is how we look when payday's still a week to go..

kuya sam

ate tin

tiil ni tope