abi nimo ikaw ra.booo!!!


why im here

or why we were even here! haha
pat visits manila for an animation convention.
next time napud pat! :)


musical toyerrzzz

wooh. can somebody give me some of these???!


just visit any artwork store for more details
and for your registration. :)


i love my browser

chromeeeelykeeee! :)



i haven't been able to blog about the crazy storms that hit manila.
i already had a draft, but thought i had to delete it anyway. don't feel like posting about the storms and so on. been to lazy too talk about it. i had been repeatedly sharing it with my family and other people i know. haha tapolaaan jiiya. anyway what's important is that we were safe. only a little water entered our house and we didn't have to worry about overflowing roaches[this could have happened in our previous apt]. preparing for pepeng was quick but we were still scared about the possible damage it might cause and so on. thank god it didn't have to cause soo much damage as ondoy. and now here we are, people still cleaning up the mess these storms had brought, try to get things back to normal. but hopefully people would learn about the experience...yaw nalagi daw pataka labay styro ingon c lé! hehe...hopefully people would wake up and take action to minimize such disasters... coz i definitely don't want to feel such panic as we did on that saturday morning.
this was saturday night black out. as much as i wanted to read a book, i can't. it's way tooo dim. light drawing nalang :)


"germs". what a coincidence, i just talked to my niece this morning saying that she cropped her photo because of "germies"..that would have to be the stuff that grows irritatingly on your face and is pretty much in season during one's period.nyahaha. xD