chirstmas muji

haha.i think this is really cute! i love muji. even though the only thing i own from the store is a small notepad. haahaa merry christmas!!



high-school kiddos..yaaah.no one can really replace such wonderful bunch of crayziiies! thanks for the great trip eyy! tag me along again next time..that i have boojet.mwehehehe. :D album here! the most that my film can accomodate.haha



finally a sorta decent photo of me and bigilito.
mwaaah! thanks for visiting me and making my day smiley :)
harrharr.chrissy tooo!



another place for me to post just about anything i feel like that i don't feel posting here and most especially in facebook. so much like blogger only it is easier and faster to post there... i think so. do you have one? let's follow each other!nyahahah. xP bobotic.tumblr.com




uhuh. it's not what you really think it is.. orrr is it?
haahaa. anyway. a few months back i celebrated my 2nd yr of employment here in my dear company. and as i have mentioned on that post i'd be putting an end to my work here by next year. there were things in my mind that i thought that hey maybe there'll be a lot of things that would happen na naman and my "plans" then again would not push through. eventually, a conversation with my mom a few weeks back made me decide that hey!it's really happening.. i think. told my mom and chrissy that i'd be spilling the news to my boss this december, that is months before my planned resignation. but i guess mentioning it earlier than planned would be better so as not to make myself crazier.haha. so i then had to do it last monday. it was not really hard bringing it up. neither having the conversation with my boss.
 from today, more or less it would be my last four months in the company... it's really been good working here but i guess i have other things to pursue, and i don't want to end up frustrated for the rest of my life coz i did not choose to do it. yey to me for making a step. i hope i won't dissapoint myself!!!



monday, i was supposed to post a sorta leak for the winners of our 4th annual tshirt design competion holding the theme "HAPPY ARTEEST KA BA?", but i got too tied with the news of NU's goodbye so i forgot to do so. tuesday i got sick and was absent so no internet, no post. haahaa wednesday, too late dear, the winners are already posted on ARTWORK's website and on its facebook page(still haven't checked this one though). can i still leak?haha stupid. anyway instead of having to make this post to leak ill just make this one to invite you guys to make your vote. please do! we'll greatly appreciate it.haha personally the first prize winner is a shocker. who would've thought this would make it first. our (me and my officemates) common bet was that one on the 8th place. it's well-made and it's message was well-said as well..it was not shallow or anything that confuses the reader whatsoever..basta. the first placer was one of those shirts that almost didn't get into the finalists. i guess it was really a lucky one. another fact.. the third prize is a cebuano and was one of the finalists last year. and for the record, yes we(cebuano officemates) know this guy, but we didn't get to make a vote on this one, so i'm sure his work was worth being in the top 10. from what i knew, there were 4 cebuanos as finalists, then two were sisters pa! both from velez...moi, bal maybe you know them? their last name is Sia. i had a favorite but the one who made it failed to make an explanation. damnit!bogo ka du? hahaha the illustration was really swell and i like the composition..too bad no message. anyway, i guess i have to stop here na coz i still have a lot of work to do due to my absence yesterday. please do cast your votes, i think it won't take too much of your time(that is if our website cooperates haha) click here! click! click! 


dead na jud

sometime last week i read an article that this year's nu rock awards would be the last.. i wasn't able to read the article properly, nor took it seriously on what it was really about and why. then a few days ago somebody posted a status on facebook saying that it would be NU's last week. huh? as in..?! it took a few minutes to sink in and a conversation with chrissy and some officemates to let the news get into me. OH NO?! WHAT WILL THAT MAKE OF RADIO?! according to some people it was due to financial issues that the only certified rock radio was closing. management says it's market size was too small and that the only solution was to switch the station from focusing on only one genre to a mainstream one. well, at least that's what i heard. ambot. but really! it's friggin bad news.. what's going on with the kiddos nowadays that they say they're losing market share? i mean aren't the people who love the station enough to let them go on? hmm. still so not understand why.harrharr. i'm not really a superfan of the radio station but as much as i get a chance to turn on the radio (which is sooo rare coz i don't have a radio and my phone's radio is out of access coz i lost my wire) , it's what i usually listen to. yesterday was their last day, they were also having this sorta ceremony where they lighted 107 candles. hmph. maunsa nalang ang radio ani ron?kana walai sagol samok kanta.. i do sometimes complain about manila's NU compared to ours before coz they played a lot of tagalog songs, which is supposedly okay for people here but not really favorable for me coz as far as i can remember there were less tagalog sa atoh before.haha samokan lang jud ko, especially for those wannabe-rocker sounding kiddos and over-commercialized bands. grrr. anywhooo. well there it is, it happened...pretty sad...pa'no na ang rockn'roll ng pinas?[haha drama..]



didn't really think of making a post of this bigilito until i can get a decent photo of him. but my boredom is making think of him right now and the only thing i can do to make myself better is to create this entry. blaaah. he's just as annoying as any dog can get..i did want him to like me but his loyalty was way too much to handle. i wasn't able to sleep properly for two nights coz he constantly wakes me up so i can sleep beside him. but no!happi you mustn't! i can't let you sleep beside me all the time, my nose gets stuffed and once it does, it keeps me from sleeping soudndly. haahaa. im talking to myself. anyway, it's been years since i last took care of a dog. iggy was the last one i cared for, but just in the beginning, then abandoned when he got older.haha anyway there are other people at home who liked to take care of him. poor old iggy! back to happi, it's a good thing now that he's starting to obey his real amo, chrissy, who uses disciplinary actions to deal with the bigilitooos. haha it's only been a day since i haven't seen him but i wished he was around this morning to walk with me to work. boo. anyway weekend's coming up and that means two days of torture by the mean beagle himself. i hope not!

i want my mini

it'll be a million years before i can have my own car. 
considering my size, i definitely don't mind a small one.
if someone would have to give me one, i would gladly receive a mini.yey!
aside from our company's minicooper which is always dressed-up, whenever i get to see a normal mini on the streets, it never fails to amuse me. 
i don't know, it's just so damn adorable with the classic look. you know how old objects look awesome! just checked out mini's website, and they let you choose from which model and paint you want for your mini.baahaa.
here's a screenshot of mine. boring?blaah it's mine! here's the link to their site.click!click! from the site developer's behance account he said: The site focuses on first make of the Mini made from 1959 till 1967 which at that time was released under two brands: MINI Minor, Austin Seven. It also provides detailed information about car history and gives users a chance to build their own version of Mini.


after 11 clues..

2 days before the launch date, there were those who posted leaks of this then-unreleased product. behold the new addition to my....WISHLIST. but still if someone would have to give me any one that's on my wishlist i'd prefer to have the spinner360, then this one, then. then... xp


tudu du du (snap! snap!)

everyday we pass by an apartment which displayed a glow in the dark plastic skeletons outside their windows, which is very visible for passersby. last night, on our way home, chrissy was singing the addams familt theme song and right now, bibi's tumblr post reminded me of the TVshow i watched as a kid. nyahaha
i didn't know then that there was an original tv show in the sixties of this one.





willy wonka..NOT!

no one ever told me that bearded men could have interest in creating chocolates.! meeehn! these guys sorta inspires me to do somethin...what? i still have no idea.haahaa but really it's good to see two bearded men walking around in their cooking suits with facemasks eveen on their beards processing the cocoa beans until it turns out to be these dark-colored favorites, and they even do the packaging.wooah. the other brother looks like mike perry.


long overduuu

yey. let weekend come! it'll be a very busy weekend i think. will be helping chrissy moving out to his own place, me having my almost a month-old film from the trip[then maybe ill be able to make zii trip blog haha] developed, me having to wash my 2weeks or more worth of used clothing.aaaahk!kapoya eyy. and me having to purchase some things that i missed buying.hahaa.hayy kapoya way kwarta pirmi.tsktsk. anyway browsin through my posts also made me realize that i haven't been able to post links from my latest lomoshoootis.these three all came from one roll,just thought of having to divide it to three albums for better viewing.so?haha some of the shots here.albums' link here! 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
the exhibit area's CR..sweet
one of the albums were taken from chrissy's exhibit sometime end of august. and what do you know, his fellow exhibitor was friends with the comic guy whose works i posted in my multiply a few years back. haha! im not really the "can i have your autograph" person, so instead, i just volunteered to take the guys' pictures. nge.whateverr. 
gotcha glooootiks!
look at me go..soo awkward.haarhar
the next album was just of random shots, i think i have better shots/subjects when i take photos alone. it's just a thought though.;P

the last one was taken the next weekend after the exhibit opening. this time, it was my boss's birthday but before heading to the party chrissy agreed to teach me longboarding.weee.haha and yes i missed doing it. im not even sure if i can still do it. we only had two days of training and that was it...for now i hope. back to that dayy.. it was our boss's birthday right? i know this has nothing to do with the pictures, but it was on the same day and this is my blog so let me just do what i want.haha! knowing our boss's great taste for food, company and music, we didn't really regret going. sorry didn't bring holgaduu with me coz i decided to "go light".boo breaking the lomorule.."Take your camera everywhere you go". lambchops, great pickas, overflowing red wine, brodpete, dong abay, guys from stonefree, acquaintances...it was fun. haha ang ending... gi-hyper nasad. :p meeehn i hate it when i have red splats on my sanuks, strike two na ni. 
and how do i end this post? 


the tempest

another one from julie teymor!
definitely a must see!






coz my brain's still not functioning for me to create a proper blog..
ill just post this one. this had me laughin for days. and until 
now every time i view my photos, it still had me crackin. for the two 
kiddos who are so blessed with their ability to sleep whenever they have the opportunity..kudos!!!

this is for you dr.evil|weirdo and bratty. nyahaha



CLICK! http://jeacreated.blogspot.com/2010/09/happy-ka.html 


jamie caliri

i always admire movies which takes some effort to present creatively their end credits rather than just having it plain words [well, of course it also depends on the movie]. and this here is one of my favorite end credits. i even recorded this part of the movie with my phone the first time i saw this movie on a bad recorded dvd. the illustrations and the animation is just so damn sweet. once i saw a photo of an excerpt of it in juxtapoz, i was all excited to search right away for the artist...and here it is. haha.

Lemony Snicket's End Titles from Jamie Caliri on Vimeo.


happy ka?

even if your not, do join and spread the news.haha





no color

finally got my first black and whites! and like my first elitechrome i got a lot of wasted shots. thanks to me and my clumsiness..oooh sooo meee. here i go again forgetting that the used-up roll hasn't been rewound yet and ended up opening the back cover. arghhh the umbrella-hat poto-op had been exposed.boo. so much for being really all happy during that day and excited thereafter into having my film developed. anyhoo, my tangingertzz didn't really annihilate all the precious BWs. i guess ill never learn that when using holga-duu i should make sure there'd be sufficient amount of sunlight or at least use the flash. only a few photos survived. out of the 36 shots, i only got around 27 printed and about 15 that are uploadable. aside from the exposed photos, the others were too dark to identify whatever was shot. since using BWs are rare nowadays and the film isn't that all friendly to the pocket, it'll be another long time for me to have another set of these. here goes. 
obviously most are not taken by me..photo credits to chrissy. and thanks for picking up these for me. 


doomed again

i guess it's fate. experiencing almost all the worst experiences with flight schedules is just sooo me. crap. i guess i'm not born to take flights. maybe ill just stay put![BIG BOO!] arghhh. why do they always have to book the wrong flight for the nth time?! i guess i am doomed again. being left behind previously due to drinking the night before my flight was my fault but having two incorrect flight schedules c/o the OFFICE is weird. THANK YOU. i don't know. it might have been my mistake for not checking my ticket that much due to excitement of whatever. it sucks to be me. cursed?! whatever have i done to have all of these. damn! dili nako magpapalit ug ticket nilag balik. they don't really care about your flight requests, they don't really pay much attention to even make sure it's what was asked. oh well im going to be absent for work today. thanks a lot. another minus to my pay.


this song had been playin on my mind since monday after hearing this in NU. miss.miss this one and many of their songs that were sooo good to the ears :)


meet iron man

saturday it was, my prayers were answered! no rain.yey. left home after lunch for another trip to hidalgo to have my B&W developed. too bad we were too late, and it would take around 2-3 hrs for the processing and developing, there was limited time, will have chrissy pick it up this weekend. darn, and i was excited. first task on the list, check. next was to have the ricoh fixed. task not fulfilled. boo. according to every repair shop we visited, it was hard to have old automatics fixed. considering that their parts are all faced-out and our ricoh defenitely needed a replacement somewhere deep inside it. hmph. but sad i was no longer. coz just as we arrived the area, we already spotted this 1963 konica eematic! the place where we found it was another stall but was sort of behind other vendors i think of ukay2. oh yeah was it a great find, according to that other stall where we got the lenscap and the red filter for our vintage camera! hahaha instead of being too darn disappointed with my goodbye to dear ricoh, we were blessed with this one...la la la..still on the getting to know stage with this one. a very different one from my holga, very heavy, body's real metal, very far from my made in china's all-plastic body. 



here we are preparing for our annual tshirt design competition, and i was partly assigned with the things needed for the registration forms and the poster. then as every promo has to go through, we need to submit a copy of our poster and regform to DTI and have it approved. after some revisions for the poster, what i don't see is that they really wanted to see a verbatim of the details placed on the registration form on the poster. what shallow brains they have. when the thought, exactly the same thought is just written there and one need not to be confused about the information printed on the registration form and the poster.sheeesh! why can't they just read it, try to understand the sentences and compare both materials before they keep on telling us that it should be consistent! it's well damn consistent all right! they're just sooooo lazy to even use their brains. crappy government offices.! can never win over them.soooo close minded.shit.


his solo

this morning i got a wall post from iggords askin me if i have heard of brandon boyd's solo album. and so like any other kid who's soo much in touch with her torrents, i got myself a download of the entire solo album. too bad the quality of my download isn't that great when aired via headphones. here's a video of his first single released for the album from HD vimeo.! rarrr.gasalig ka gwpo kaayo ka boanga ka.

oh ricoh

please please, let someone fix this camera this saturday! 
was excited and all for two weeks to get hold of chrissy's camera. then even as i was able to get this, still was not able to test it because unlike dear holga, ricoh needed batteries. my flash's batteries have all been drained and my charger's always in the office. always forgetting to bring any of those together. and now, finally all three plus the cheap film, and soooooosuperduperecxited to let the pop-out flash work and hear how it's shutter sounds it looks like that i still won't be able to use this. boo. i guess the camera right now's not in a good condition at all. and now i just learned that it hasn't been used for nearly a decade! whaaaat?!?!?! no wonder. hahaha better have this looked this saturday. i hope it won't rain so i won't have to dive the murky waters in hidalgo.haha and hopefully have my b&whites by then. 


elitechrome means saturation!

high contrast photos. i finally got them. if i had put it in my mind that this roll i got was a 100asa then i should have better photos. because of my clumsiness i wasted more than 10 shots with brown prints. oh well, first elitechrome anyway, another excuse. haha but it might take me a long time to purchase another roll of this kind coz it's just so costly compared to the usual film i get. photos here.
and now, another visit to hidalgo, got three new rolls and all are what you could call budget films.nyaaahaa.each less than a hundred.. magmantinir satag baratohon for now kai wa nai kwarta. and i hope i'd learn to make use of these 100ASAs.  i still need to have my first B&W developed, wishing the photos would come out well, considering i had some night shots.


agosto uno

we've finally reached our first year! whew! it's not always happy but what do you know, i guess we need to learn from each other. just had a simple hang-out date yesterday, the kind we haven't done for a very looong time. i had a great time yesterday coz we were able to talk just like the old times. haha![as if unsa na kadugaya, basta just like before :)] i'm really glad we made it through the crazy months of blah.blah.blah. and i just hope this time i won't be too sensitive coz it's sooo darn exhausting. hoping for better days, weeks, months and even years.haha we'll see. i'm looking forward to that. thank you lord.


tooowyerrrs nakooo

woah! it's pretty darn amazing how time flies fast.. was it that fast? naaah. not really. there were times that it felt like fast and there were plenty that one would wish would be over. but whatever it were, i'm glad to have come this far. during lunchbreak i was talking with chrissy about our two years of stay in the company, how sometimes it's not really that enjoyable here[coz we're far far from home...homesick blabbers...things are so costly], and out pay's not that very supportive with us. you know, things an employee usually complains about. told him that i'm absolutely here not because of the money but for the job, and two years on the record is pretty enough for me to decide to...RESIGN!!! haha boang ka dai? shit. the things i got to bear for being far from my family and friends. i'm not being dramatic, i'm just saying that i hope these would all be learning experiences for me to be stronger. and yes, i hope things would go according to plan for the next following months. i still do hope to stay in the company till the first 5 months next year so i can join the annual trip and still get to contribute, if they would allow me to, that is if the MGT wouldn't get so crappy about my plans of resigning. oh well, another come what may situation. 
but yeheeeey to me for getting this far for a job that's situated far from home. i guess the job counts, i wish i have this job in cebu and everybody would be happy!hahaha 

here's some shots i had two years ago when my phone's camera's workin perfectly fine :)

my last sushi meal at rai rai before i left for work july 08
byebye cebu for now. see yah in 5 months.huhu
the placard i found on my seat sa  co. service when i arrived [welcome home?!?!]


35mm by Pascal Monaco

35mm from Pascal Monaco on Vimeo.

can you guess the 35 movies showcased in the video? guess! guess!haha!


in a couple of weeks and it'd be a year of mainly two things(another year ra diay sa usa). i'm not excited though, too bad. a lot of things can still happen in fifteen days and we don't know whatever's going on on both our heads. it's sooo gubot and i don't know how long it'd stay this way. lately, i have been too irritable on a lot of things, which i myself got annoyed with how my mind's been thinking. and it's very exhausting! hopefully the following weeks would pass by well and would be kind enough to give me a break from all these draining emotions that i don't even need. and i hope that my job's pay on the next cut-off would be good [as in pwede mag-increase na kai kapoy kaayo!] and maybe, i'm really wishing that everything would go well on that awaited date. 


Viva España

i was too zombie-mode yesterday to even type anything about the WorldCup finals. my head was hurting the entire day due to the lack of sleep. sure, i was able to snooze for a couple of hours but it doesn't help much. anyway, i was not really that excited to watch the finals for the reason that the teams i wanted to be in the finals are not the ones playing on it. and for that reason, i did not take much effort on waking up at my 2:30 alarm, snoozed it twice until i turned the alarm off, forgetting and suddenly woke up exactly an hour after, turned on the TV catching halftime of the game.blaaah.*not excited mode but still interested* but fairly enough, Netherlands and Spain did a good job on maintaining zeros until the 116th minute of the game. but still, i thought to myself, it would have been better if it ended with a shootout. nyahaha. congratulations to Spain.! congratulations to friggin octopus Paul. during the awarding, one can't help but also feel good about the winning, those beaming faces and the look of the trophy..woah. it does feel great even winning a game during the intramurals, what more in a WorldCup finals.!nyahahaha xD. just have to steal some shots from our TV, feeling naa sa soccer city.haha xD.

*what a coincidence..my first and only not in-the-house viewing for this year's WorldCup was done in some Spanish bar/resto.


and i thought this morning' s game would be an exception. well, i agreed that Spain could win, but at the back of my head i was hoping for Germany to win, despite the heartbreak i got from their winning against my team. this morning, i only get to watch probably the last 3 minutes or so of the game, coz i wasn't able to wake up. i had no clue on who was leading and to whether the mollusk's choice was right. until the sound came and the commentator stated Spain's victory.  haha! that water critter can really guess. or yah it could be psychic. whatever. anyway, at least this finals would be so full of firsts.[click here..] and it would be pretty exciting. and please don't let that octopus decide the finals' fate. i hope i get to wake up 2:30 monday morning and i hope S23 would be kind enough to telecast the game live same as they did for the semis. :)


i want this too!

so perfeclty imperfect!
gotta love the dreamy blurry effect this camera captures!

Digital Harinezumi 2 Video Audio Camera


4teams to go

i'm no longer excited with the World Cup after Argentina's loss to Germany. too bad both teams had to face each other too early. and now, Spain and Germany would be facing each other, still, why do they have to face each other at this stage? but as i see it, Germany would be the champion. but i'm just stating that coz it's only their and Spain's games that i have remembered watching their perforrmance. i guess i get to see a little of one of Uruguay's games but it didn't really give me an idea of how they play so i don't know, i don't have any idea how they go. for Netherlands, according to my cousins they were just lucky on their winning against Brazil. still, can't say anything about their performance. good luck to Germany and Spain. there could be good defense for both teams, if Spain makes sure they don't act Argentina on their last game. hmph. WHY?! haha [still hurrting, damnit!] oooh..anyway, here's a video i found from lomo's posts coz there's a guy in the ad wearing a shirt with a  supersampler print. but i'm posting it coz of messi. darn whaaay do they[Germany] have to be sooo harsh! haaahaa




anyway..kudos to Germany, they were really good.
they did well on their defense making sure Argentina's strikers
couldn't get through. then they had good passes as well. 
porma jud kaayo sila oy! 

kompyansa ra man gud kaayos Maradona oy! tsk!
heehee, Spain's game will be playing this 2:30..
don't really care anymore who wins. haahaa


nike ad curse

i forgot to mention, those guys involved in the Nike Write the Future which is in one of my previous posts are were sadly sent home already with their teams. good for Brazil that they didn't include Ronaldinho in their line-up. teehee.

quarterfinals starts tonight!

after a week of not being able to properly catch up with the World Cup games, (the telecasts i have been watching are way too delayed) it's already quarterfinals!!! ohmaaay!! sooo many i missed! darn it! missed the Portugal v España game as well as Argentina v Mexico, slept on Germany v England's 2nd half. bida! it'll be Brazil v  Netherlands tonight, but i'm not really excited about that. the game that i'm really looking forward to would be tomorrow's match between Argentina v Germany. aaaah!!! both teams are just simply...i don't know how to describe it properly basta mao jud ning duwaa na tan-awun jud kai ambot ngano sila pai gaabot ani na stage! makasapot! mga maayo jud oyee!!!  
i hope my cousins would agree tomorrow that we should postpone that sky thingy and watch the World Cup instead, well at least i have iggords on my side na! haha! i'm sure she would hate missing it as well. 
and now as i browsed through my chrome browser, it's just now that i discovered that they're having WorldCup themes as well! haahaa. and just to support mee team, here's what my browser looks like a few hours ago[i switched it back to my original anyway]. and that article from yahoo sports regarding the pressure between Argentina and Germany, Argentinian coach Maradona mocking one of the German player is just hilaaaarious! oh well, come what may. but still i don't mind Germany winning but it'll be great seeing Messi's team advance! 

care for some jackjohnson? click image :)
To the Sea


round of 16 na!

as much as i wanted to post this one over the weekend after tonight's game, i can't coz i don't have internet access at home. so now i only have the 12 team's game schedule. but as i see it, it would be portugal and brazil for group G but still not clear for group H. here are the schedules if any of you care.haahaa :) but i can't deny the fact that im sooo excited for this weekends games. hopefully studio23 would be cooperative.please no US open please.haahaa ;P



FIFA's in it's last days of it's knockout stage and on the next few days they'll be on the round of 16. Argentina's on a very good spot right now, and i'm definitely rooting for them[Messi's birthday's on thursday!haha]. and i can't believe i missed their game with Greece last night thinking it would be tonight pa. grr! but i'll be cheering for SKorea as well. anyway, there's still Brazil to watch for, and too bad until now, all i see are clips and write-ups about the results of their games. it's because there's no freakin balls in destiny channel that we can't have free live streaming of the game. bummer. anyway, tonight would be US and England's game but not against each other, but im thinking from their group[B], England would be goodbye and US would get in to the next round, considering the points each team earned from their previous games. then on the 25th would be Brazil against Portugal. after Portugal's victory against NKorea the other day [7-0], probably their next game would be something to watch [not icluding ronaldo's dramatic moves..pero okay rsad haha]. referees have been an issue in the current Worldcup, there had been two of them committing erroneous, stupid decisions. 

status of the participating teams after june 22, 2010's games
teams in for the next round: argentina.mexico.skorea.uruguay

ohh well, i hope i get to wake up later tonight to watch studio23's replays and i hope they'ed be broadcasting the England and US game repectively, or maybe Germany's nalang. okay rapud. then again i'll have only 5 hrs of sleep and be late for tomorrow.boo. hope not, on the latter.


sunrise on analogue

one of the reasons one is willing to go on set-ups is they get to travel to some places, at least be out of the office for sometime for free[well, that covers transpo, food and lodging expenses]. or that would only be the reason. travelling alone and bringing all the materials needed for set-up is partly tiring, at least i get to eat all the food cravings i had during the trip [photos at home] and get to see some places i haven't been to before. 

weee! that's right it's already morning and the freakin ferry still hasn't left negros for cebu! sucker. but yes, i was able to visit home even just for three days,  and get to experience the agonizing brown-out sa tubig at our house. hehe who cares? at least i was home. :) 
[photo: 2010 june 4]


new blog feature!!!! [well not really]

and i thought such feature is not applicable to my blog. and after being bummed for the past months since this feature was announced, here it is! waaaawooo!! now i could change my layout. though i don't know if one could change the background image with a personal one and not one from the option box. test-test for now. haahaa


oh shit! oh shit!

was just too stressed out for the past few days from the set-up and lagyo byahe plus bug-at gamit and other stuff. nothing really to fuss about. and now as i opened my email checking out my daily newsletters from several websites i subscribed to, lomo just let out the new word. the product that they have been giving clues about for the last couple of weeks i think has been launched! waaw! it's pretty damn neat this new thing they've released! the spinner 360º camera! maybe i'm just too excited coz its new or what but at least it made me all smiley or whatever you call it. nyahaha. ang guess what?! it's way cheaper than the horizon kompakt im longing for! but who knows when it would land in philippine shores??!?! gayl! if ever you could check this entry while you're in thailand, and if ever you get to pass by Lomography Embassy Store in Bangkok and got to have a glimpse of this camera. please take a shot of it, better yet, with it with a big smile on your face for me. haha thanks.! if not, well, i'll see this soon. here's some ways to use the camera. and more on their lomo microsite.


request # 2

panoramic...ahhh..who doesn't like viewing photos in this view?!
gotta have one..someday...please can i have one.


RULE # 5



the heat is killing me!
this superduper-extra large-sized  tasty drink
would really help!
can mcdo provide me some coke freeze or
coke float of this size?
aaaaah makabuyoook oy!

illustration: http://katiawishsketch.blogspot.com/


3rd roll surprise

**im on my third roll of film for since i bought 
    my toycam. learning from my 2nd roll, i decided to buy
    kodak again with 400 ASA. great. so let's start 
   experimenting how it looks like having multiple 
   exposures, delaying the shutter| using b setting
   and all those wonders one can do with a holga, at least .
   my holga doesn't do much light leaks as much as the 120
  does. but thanks to our clumsiness, we got to have a few
  exposed shots and some leaked ones. bravo! how i
  just love messing around with this toy! 
**and as i have said a few posts before the developing
   center does matter! we had my film developed first at this
   nearby kodak center which they give out a free film for
   every developing service, unfortunately after my excitement
   on having my photos, they only got to print 2 shots stating
   that the rest weren't good at all, their machine can't "read"
   the rest of the shots. haha.pretty frustrating ey! but as we checked
   out the roll, the negatives were pretty neat! pataka lang jud tong
   babay! chrissy said let's have it looked in picture city the next day.
   and what do you know! they did it. all you have to tell the 
   personnel is to print all, whether it's 'good' or not. weee. so there i
   was sunday evening beaming with joy. fascinated with myself.bwahaha.


just starting

it was just recently that i really found the time to
browse everyday on the lomo site and get to know
more about the "lomo-community" and just about
anything you need to know about the lomoworld!
errr.im just way behind i guess. so far, i have only
posted 3 albums, each barely containing 2-3 pixies.
there are even more photos posted here in my blog
oh well, at least i'm starting to have "likes" na.
hahaha baws-baws ragud ang style diay!
weeee. looking forward for more holga trips! :)




more reasons to dislike bunny rabbits.



wow! never thought that such term even existed until
i came across one of the posts from lomo's website.

when i was a kid i was one of those who gets pleasure
in purchasing those sticky printed stuff---stickers!
and then sticking them!
i can still remember the feeling i had everytime
we go have groceries at robi and i have to wait for
my mom. then i get to pass that sticker store at
the same floor the grocery was. looking at those
sticky colorful stuff makes me really excited, i'd
even have to go check the store more than twice
to see what could be in store, then
in the end of the day, still i can't have what i want
coz i hate asking from my mom.haha. anyway,
sometimes i get lucky and get to purchase
i also remember way back gradeschool, one of my classmates
used to have all those imported stickers, which one could barely
find from our local bookstores.tsk.unlike today stickers
are everywhere!they are not as accessible then.hahaha

now back to affixation remorse..it says here that it is the
feeling when you get to stick a particular sticker in some
spot when you could have posted it better somewhere
else!haha! brings back memories when it takes me sooo
much time to decide where to put mee stickers on, or
should i use it on this one, maybe i could put it somewhere
nicer in the future..blahblahblah.hahaha
probably had this feeling for a lot of times already, but
i guess that's just part of the whole experience with
stickers! waaaw! haha but really, when i see some
old stickers in some surface, it sorts of give that certain
surface some attitude or history. something like that.
way back in highschool, when i see our neighbor's fridge
covered with maggi disney stickers, it reminded me of
how i was more interested in buying that brand so that
i could have those freeee stickers. samok lang jud ang
logo sa maggi. right now im looking for some good stickers
so i could stick it on mee holga. haha and now i have
this stickerbomb book on my table, with over 280 peelable
stickers as the cover of the book stated, may i peel at least 2
awesome stickers so that i could stick it then get the feeling
that i should have placed it somewhere better.


2nd roll

thanks to yobags for buying me this roll!
i greatly appreciate the good quality of images
compared to the ones i had on my first one.
probably the developing center would also matter.