sore.sore.&endomonth's blabbers

*here we go again with the seasonal sickness.
my throat hurts, my nose's got a lot of fluid
my head's in pain and fever is just around the corner.
hopefully this would end soon.

*we are officially leaving on the 15th of march!
woohooo.just got our tickets this morning.
but getting our tickets this early might eventually
spoil the excitement.haha.grr.

*why do we have to be the ones to suffer
the heat? after having to experience the
loss of our original AC, now our replacement AC
has gone out for repair na naman..time for them
to get a brand new one! haha

*2 days to go! hopefully saturday would be payday.
thanks again to yobergs for lending me money.
good timing. i needed to buy some meds. hopefully
would get well soon coz jenna would be treating me this
saturday!!! it'll be a bummer if i'm not in the mood for
good food!haha

*january's ending in a few days. feb here we go.
another month!**** ;)
to the deadlines we need to finish ASAP, good luck!


illustration not by me though.***
but some sushi could save my soul now.


hi im jea and im a marble maker

haha. been repeating this phrase since last sunday after
seeing the ad from dirty jobs and they were featuring
marble makers. maybe it was also because of that phrase
the day before when chrissy said in his profile in emptees,
"i'm a happy person"
...ako, "i'm a marble maker!"
so?hahaha wa nasai sense :)
i just like listening to the phrase marble maker.


found this at sticks and stones..
got 9 mins to spare? check out this guy..haha!

BOOMBOX from Ely Kim on Vimeo.



thanks again chrissy for the gift!
hahaha! was really surprised. :)


already have my computer.
unfortunately, instead of having an improved one
what i got is giving me a headache. everything works
in slow motion. especially when moving stuff around
photoshop, everything is soooo slow.
darn. i have to switch back to lappy for the meantime
until the other boss would be back from his out of town
trip so as we could report mee complaint.



my computer had to be reformatted due to insane behavior.
and now i am a nomad.
goodbye wallpapers, loaded brushes, some of my fonts,
and all other unnecessary etcetc. huhu
and i have to wait for days...hopefully it'd be available by
midnextweek or at least tuesday!


gaunsa ka oyy?!

happy new year!
new year's eve for me this year was way different from last year.
aside from recovering from a really bad hang-over, my cousins who spent
new year's eve last year with us were not in cebu. booo.
since i was sleeping the entire afternoon, i felt i had to wake up and cook something at least
something for the new year! haha. [nge spaghetti ra diay toh.long life bitaw!]
and while waiting for 12mn to hit, im glad someone called to keep me company.
yaikss amards mode. anyway, mila and weni woke up and yobagss as well with her swelling burnt finger.
and 2010 came!harhar
mila asked me if i had already jumped[for height reasons], as what i have been doing every new year since childhood. and yes i did! i think ill be jumping until my legs could take it!
and then eating new year's meal with yobag's desserts and some red wine [dili nako.haha] i was too tired to wash the dishes and slept while waiting for yobag to be done with cafe world[haha].
oh well another year has passed!and i hope this new one's going to be good for me.! gooodlaaak!