round of 16 na!

as much as i wanted to post this one over the weekend after tonight's game, i can't coz i don't have internet access at home. so now i only have the 12 team's game schedule. but as i see it, it would be portugal and brazil for group G but still not clear for group H. here are the schedules if any of you care.haahaa :) but i can't deny the fact that im sooo excited for this weekends games. hopefully studio23 would be cooperative.please no US open please.haahaa ;P



FIFA's in it's last days of it's knockout stage and on the next few days they'll be on the round of 16. Argentina's on a very good spot right now, and i'm definitely rooting for them[Messi's birthday's on thursday!haha]. and i can't believe i missed their game with Greece last night thinking it would be tonight pa. grr! but i'll be cheering for SKorea as well. anyway, there's still Brazil to watch for, and too bad until now, all i see are clips and write-ups about the results of their games. it's because there's no freakin balls in destiny channel that we can't have free live streaming of the game. bummer. anyway, tonight would be US and England's game but not against each other, but im thinking from their group[B], England would be goodbye and US would get in to the next round, considering the points each team earned from their previous games. then on the 25th would be Brazil against Portugal. after Portugal's victory against NKorea the other day [7-0], probably their next game would be something to watch [not icluding ronaldo's dramatic moves..pero okay rsad haha]. referees have been an issue in the current Worldcup, there had been two of them committing erroneous, stupid decisions. 

status of the participating teams after june 22, 2010's games
teams in for the next round: argentina.mexico.skorea.uruguay

ohh well, i hope i get to wake up later tonight to watch studio23's replays and i hope they'ed be broadcasting the England and US game repectively, or maybe Germany's nalang. okay rapud. then again i'll have only 5 hrs of sleep and be late for tomorrow.boo. hope not, on the latter.


sunrise on analogue

one of the reasons one is willing to go on set-ups is they get to travel to some places, at least be out of the office for sometime for free[well, that covers transpo, food and lodging expenses]. or that would only be the reason. travelling alone and bringing all the materials needed for set-up is partly tiring, at least i get to eat all the food cravings i had during the trip [photos at home] and get to see some places i haven't been to before. 

weee! that's right it's already morning and the freakin ferry still hasn't left negros for cebu! sucker. but yes, i was able to visit home even just for three days,  and get to experience the agonizing brown-out sa tubig at our house. hehe who cares? at least i was home. :) 
[photo: 2010 june 4]


new blog feature!!!! [well not really]

and i thought such feature is not applicable to my blog. and after being bummed for the past months since this feature was announced, here it is! waaaawooo!! now i could change my layout. though i don't know if one could change the background image with a personal one and not one from the option box. test-test for now. haahaa


oh shit! oh shit!

was just too stressed out for the past few days from the set-up and lagyo byahe plus bug-at gamit and other stuff. nothing really to fuss about. and now as i opened my email checking out my daily newsletters from several websites i subscribed to, lomo just let out the new word. the product that they have been giving clues about for the last couple of weeks i think has been launched! waaw! it's pretty damn neat this new thing they've released! the spinner 360º camera! maybe i'm just too excited coz its new or what but at least it made me all smiley or whatever you call it. nyahaha. ang guess what?! it's way cheaper than the horizon kompakt im longing for! but who knows when it would land in philippine shores??!?! gayl! if ever you could check this entry while you're in thailand, and if ever you get to pass by Lomography Embassy Store in Bangkok and got to have a glimpse of this camera. please take a shot of it, better yet, with it with a big smile on your face for me. haha thanks.! if not, well, i'll see this soon. here's some ways to use the camera. and more on their lomo microsite.