after 11 clues..

2 days before the launch date, there were those who posted leaks of this then-unreleased product. behold the new addition to my....WISHLIST. but still if someone would have to give me any one that's on my wishlist i'd prefer to have the spinner360, then this one, then. then... xp


tudu du du (snap! snap!)

everyday we pass by an apartment which displayed a glow in the dark plastic skeletons outside their windows, which is very visible for passersby. last night, on our way home, chrissy was singing the addams familt theme song and right now, bibi's tumblr post reminded me of the TVshow i watched as a kid. nyahaha
i didn't know then that there was an original tv show in the sixties of this one.





willy wonka..NOT!

no one ever told me that bearded men could have interest in creating chocolates.! meeehn! these guys sorta inspires me to do somethin...what? i still have no idea.haahaa but really it's good to see two bearded men walking around in their cooking suits with facemasks eveen on their beards processing the cocoa beans until it turns out to be these dark-colored favorites, and they even do the packaging.wooah. the other brother looks like mike perry.


long overduuu

yey. let weekend come! it'll be a very busy weekend i think. will be helping chrissy moving out to his own place, me having my almost a month-old film from the trip[then maybe ill be able to make zii trip blog haha] developed, me having to wash my 2weeks or more worth of used clothing.aaaahk!kapoya eyy. and me having to purchase some things that i missed buying.hahaa.hayy kapoya way kwarta pirmi.tsktsk. anyway browsin through my posts also made me realize that i haven't been able to post links from my latest lomoshoootis.these three all came from one roll,just thought of having to divide it to three albums for better viewing.so?haha some of the shots here.albums' link here! 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
the exhibit area's CR..sweet
one of the albums were taken from chrissy's exhibit sometime end of august. and what do you know, his fellow exhibitor was friends with the comic guy whose works i posted in my multiply a few years back. haha! im not really the "can i have your autograph" person, so instead, i just volunteered to take the guys' pictures. nge.whateverr. 
gotcha glooootiks!
look at me go..soo awkward.haarhar
the next album was just of random shots, i think i have better shots/subjects when i take photos alone. it's just a thought though.;P

the last one was taken the next weekend after the exhibit opening. this time, it was my boss's birthday but before heading to the party chrissy agreed to teach me longboarding.weee.haha and yes i missed doing it. im not even sure if i can still do it. we only had two days of training and that was it...for now i hope. back to that dayy.. it was our boss's birthday right? i know this has nothing to do with the pictures, but it was on the same day and this is my blog so let me just do what i want.haha! knowing our boss's great taste for food, company and music, we didn't really regret going. sorry didn't bring holgaduu with me coz i decided to "go light".boo breaking the lomorule.."Take your camera everywhere you go". lambchops, great pickas, overflowing red wine, brodpete, dong abay, guys from stonefree, acquaintances...it was fun. haha ang ending... gi-hyper nasad. :p meeehn i hate it when i have red splats on my sanuks, strike two na ni. 
and how do i end this post? 


the tempest

another one from julie teymor!
definitely a must see!