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uhuh. it's not what you really think it is.. orrr is it?
haahaa. anyway. a few months back i celebrated my 2nd yr of employment here in my dear company. and as i have mentioned on that post i'd be putting an end to my work here by next year. there were things in my mind that i thought that hey maybe there'll be a lot of things that would happen na naman and my "plans" then again would not push through. eventually, a conversation with my mom a few weeks back made me decide that hey!it's really happening.. i think. told my mom and chrissy that i'd be spilling the news to my boss this december, that is months before my planned resignation. but i guess mentioning it earlier than planned would be better so as not to make myself crazier.haha. so i then had to do it last monday. it was not really hard bringing it up. neither having the conversation with my boss.
 from today, more or less it would be my last four months in the company... it's really been good working here but i guess i have other things to pursue, and i don't want to end up frustrated for the rest of my life coz i did not choose to do it. yey to me for making a step. i hope i won't dissapoint myself!!!



monday, i was supposed to post a sorta leak for the winners of our 4th annual tshirt design competion holding the theme "HAPPY ARTEEST KA BA?", but i got too tied with the news of NU's goodbye so i forgot to do so. tuesday i got sick and was absent so no internet, no post. haahaa wednesday, too late dear, the winners are already posted on ARTWORK's website and on its facebook page(still haven't checked this one though). can i still leak?haha stupid. anyway instead of having to make this post to leak ill just make this one to invite you guys to make your vote. please do! we'll greatly appreciate it.haha personally the first prize winner is a shocker. who would've thought this would make it first. our (me and my officemates) common bet was that one on the 8th place. it's well-made and it's message was well-said as well..it was not shallow or anything that confuses the reader whatsoever..basta. the first placer was one of those shirts that almost didn't get into the finalists. i guess it was really a lucky one. another fact.. the third prize is a cebuano and was one of the finalists last year. and for the record, yes we(cebuano officemates) know this guy, but we didn't get to make a vote on this one, so i'm sure his work was worth being in the top 10. from what i knew, there were 4 cebuanos as finalists, then two were sisters pa! both from velez...moi, bal maybe you know them? their last name is Sia. i had a favorite but the one who made it failed to make an explanation. damnit!bogo ka du? hahaha the illustration was really swell and i like the composition..too bad no message. anyway, i guess i have to stop here na coz i still have a lot of work to do due to my absence yesterday. please do cast your votes, i think it won't take too much of your time(that is if our website cooperates haha) click here! click! click! 


dead na jud

sometime last week i read an article that this year's nu rock awards would be the last.. i wasn't able to read the article properly, nor took it seriously on what it was really about and why. then a few days ago somebody posted a status on facebook saying that it would be NU's last week. huh? as in..?! it took a few minutes to sink in and a conversation with chrissy and some officemates to let the news get into me. OH NO?! WHAT WILL THAT MAKE OF RADIO?! according to some people it was due to financial issues that the only certified rock radio was closing. management says it's market size was too small and that the only solution was to switch the station from focusing on only one genre to a mainstream one. well, at least that's what i heard. ambot. but really! it's friggin bad news.. what's going on with the kiddos nowadays that they say they're losing market share? i mean aren't the people who love the station enough to let them go on? hmm. still so not understand why.harrharr. i'm not really a superfan of the radio station but as much as i get a chance to turn on the radio (which is sooo rare coz i don't have a radio and my phone's radio is out of access coz i lost my wire) , it's what i usually listen to. yesterday was their last day, they were also having this sorta ceremony where they lighted 107 candles. hmph. maunsa nalang ang radio ani ron?kana walai sagol samok kanta.. i do sometimes complain about manila's NU compared to ours before coz they played a lot of tagalog songs, which is supposedly okay for people here but not really favorable for me coz as far as i can remember there were less tagalog sa atoh before.haha samokan lang jud ko, especially for those wannabe-rocker sounding kiddos and over-commercialized bands. grrr. anywhooo. well there it is, it happened...pretty sad...pa'no na ang rockn'roll ng pinas?[haha drama..]



didn't really think of making a post of this bigilito until i can get a decent photo of him. but my boredom is making think of him right now and the only thing i can do to make myself better is to create this entry. blaaah. he's just as annoying as any dog can get..i did want him to like me but his loyalty was way too much to handle. i wasn't able to sleep properly for two nights coz he constantly wakes me up so i can sleep beside him. but no!happi you mustn't! i can't let you sleep beside me all the time, my nose gets stuffed and once it does, it keeps me from sleeping soudndly. haahaa. im talking to myself. anyway, it's been years since i last took care of a dog. iggy was the last one i cared for, but just in the beginning, then abandoned when he got older.haha anyway there are other people at home who liked to take care of him. poor old iggy! back to happi, it's a good thing now that he's starting to obey his real amo, chrissy, who uses disciplinary actions to deal with the bigilitooos. haha it's only been a day since i haven't seen him but i wished he was around this morning to walk with me to work. boo. anyway weekend's coming up and that means two days of torture by the mean beagle himself. i hope not!

i want my mini

it'll be a million years before i can have my own car. 
considering my size, i definitely don't mind a small one.
if someone would have to give me one, i would gladly receive a mini.yey!
aside from our company's minicooper which is always dressed-up, whenever i get to see a normal mini on the streets, it never fails to amuse me. 
i don't know, it's just so damn adorable with the classic look. you know how old objects look awesome! just checked out mini's website, and they let you choose from which model and paint you want for your mini.baahaa.
here's a screenshot of mine. boring?blaah it's mine! here's the link to their site.click!click! from the site developer's behance account he said: The site focuses on first make of the Mini made from 1959 till 1967 which at that time was released under two brands: MINI Minor, Austin Seven. It also provides detailed information about car history and gives users a chance to build their own version of Mini.