shut up

puhleeeze! yelling never helps. it makes me want to get rid of you. kill you. if only it's legal. haahaa


before the baguio weekend

we had this! no digicams for this day, so shots are so few. as always, only got to spend a roll for  dear holga.
post v-whatever day hang-out! haahaa and because we just needed to have our share of fresh air.


baguio weekend still

photos in multiply.. and since i have already exhausted my energy storytelling in multiply.. here it is..


sushi amazing

just because i missed eating sushi, i just have to repost this vid i found from chuvaness. haahaa the japaneeesieee never fails to amaze meee! :)


baguio weekend

[i posted this in tumblr, but decided it's best to have this one here]
weekend blaahberss
haha. i volunteered to do the Baguio show-window set-up, and for the curious meee, we decided to have it this past weekend where it was Panagbenga. bahaha i’m never going to a festival season again without doing a reservation for the transpo and accommodation beforehand. well, sure you could still enjoy the place despite the worry, but you’ll end up killing your feet from going back and forth to one place to another just for the search. lalalala anyhooo.. still survived it, thankfully i had company.thanks for being helpful & patient dear. sesss. my comment: sinulog is way better! :)
[no photos for now.boo :(]