october and counting

ooohctooober! and no it does not mean octoberfest, i'm not interested with alcohol these past months.nyahaha  anyway, yess it's october and in two weeks i won't have to wake up to my alarm and i would then be able to extend my sleeping time at least thirty minutes more.haaha yes my body clock gets up at 7:30 and it's already amazing for me to be awake at 9:30am or 10am, also for the reason that I'm such a light sleeper. yes it's a gift. hahahaa finals week will be next week, but that doesn't mean all requirements will be passed just next week. we just had our finals for our techniques class with a surprising "THIS WILL SERVE AS YOUR FINALS" whaaaaat?!!?!!?! anyway, same-same, i have no idea how to prepare for that class anyway..i just hope that charcoal drawing would give meeeself justice.hahaa and now, we are to prepare for a class exhibit that would open this friday.. my, my the very first exhibit that i'd be joining. hahaha still i hope the work i did won't suck. sneakpeek!!!hahaah 

anyway, i'd have to work on 2 exams for next week and an "ukay-art" that we were supposed to wear during exams day in art history.bahahah okayokay. and now i still don't know what to work on..any suggestions?
aaaah. i hope ill be able to visit the beach soon. sooner because i might not be allowed to travel far anymore.bleebleeblee. at least a nice view before my baby comes out. oooh amadei immanuele will be turning 7months in my tummy next week. :) hoping for a good feedback from my doctor by then. :)