that Great Man

I never got a class under Mike Mende(poor me), but i sure see him very often in school in college especially that my friends were actually close to him. And funny when i still remember the first two memorable encounters with sir were both scoldings, first was when we were too noisy during PE while he had a class in AS, and the other was when my friends were crowding the duyan that might possibly break coz we were too plenty. But both were taken well. :)
I am remembering every little memory i have of that great person who has inspired a lot of people, especially the students. i knew SirMike from my friends, and i usually see his name on the books my friends read during our early years in college. Then we do see him everyday because he is always in UP everyday, especially when my friends hangs out at the UPdorm, and were close to him. I knew at least from my unconcious observations then that he was one of those few UP professors who deserved to be called one, who was passionate about life and what he was doing.

A few years back, sir mike was interested in making a book, and it was just quite amazing, of all the fine arts students he knew, i got to have a short conversation with this Great man about illustrating for the book. I don't know what happened then, but that was also the year when i got my dream job. Sayang it never pushed through. :(   but i think that certain happening gave me the confidence, that hey, someone not close to me actually thinks i can do this.

And then reading from a college schoolmates status last Sunday night, after all the father's day greetings on the news feed, saying that this Great man just passed away was the most shocking thing and definitely the saddest. Sir Mike will definitely be missed by all, he was an inspiration to all, and he has really done so much in his life. 

His last line to me was when tope and i saw him in ayala with his wife a couple of months ago, "magkita ra nya ta, kai ipang-uli man ang mga paintings.." with his usual smiling expression, i don't know if that were the exact words, but that keeps on playing in my head now, still at shock that he had already passed away. 

i hope to be able to visit SirMike's wake today with some college friends, at least to personally say goodbye and thank you to this Great man. 

REST IN PEACE Sir Mike Mende.you will always be remembered.


the straight sitting sixmonth

The past week was another wow for the little one. 

sunday,  6/10/12

Going to school and having to wait for teachers who'd eventually cancel the class, going back to the eye clinic to have my eye checked and buy the necessary medications for its treatment, at least there was something good about the week that was. Amadei was sitting up on her own already without us having to carry her to that position. she's even doing all she can to stay in that position. yeheyy! and yesterday was zzzeee best, she raises both arms to her sides to balance herself sitting up straight, with her back up, no longer slouching., and was successful in doing it! my, my! what a happy, proud mother i am.wahahaha.

Amadei  is also attempting to stand on her own by pushing her arms on meee belly while i am lying down beside her, supporting her body weight with it pushing her upwards so she can stand...though for now she's just semi-standing.heee

Excited for the coming months for new surprises from the little boinky!



was up early because of boinky, and since i have someone to help her go back to sleep my now-unsleepy eyes wanted to browse some reading. saw this from chuvaness and is just as amazed by the fact that there has even been a collaboration between two greats: Salvador Dali and Walt Disney.



you have corneal ulcer. :(

doctor: one drop every 3 hours with no fail

just went to the eye doctor this afternoon and confirmed that this white dot on the black part of the eye, redness on the white and pain especially when exposed to extreme light happens to be that unfortunate eye condition. lesson learned: remove yerrr contacts before bedtime. i would not be allowed to wear my contacts for the next two months booo. it was a good thing that i went to the doctor just in time, or else the worst could happen. will be going back for a follow-up appointment this thursday. i hope maayo na ni ui.huhuhuu

by the way, i am officially a student again. unusual schedule, classes on wednesday and saturday? hahaha i still don't know if i would go to class tomorrow.


our friend the low tide

sometimes what you did not desire will give you good experiences.

ditsi, thank you for this one! it has been a long time since i went out for an unplanned trip to the beach


mud therapy: talking about sinking up to your ankles haha struggle~~

taking a tryc-ride to the other beach, boinky so ready to go 

i'm a happy biker. i haven't pedalled for a long time..
probably the last one was during lunchbreaks, artwork days.

and there we were.."oh no it's super low tide!"

but there's still water, so there's nothing to be sad about.
 and the sandbars were were the best thing that happened that day

Amadei was able to sit by the beach, 
if it was high tide we will be forced to to swim/sit by the rocky shore

with this we were able to bike as well..hahaha biking on water, and on the sand bars.

but then we have to go now.
thank you mother nature for providing us with this. :) this day was good.