so help me, sleep

unfocused. got to stay focused. hahaha tried to get a writing job in odesk a week ago and i got it, the only problem i have now is how to finish the task. so much for applying the job requiring me to write 20 blog entries/articles. ah, okayyy. i rarely even post stuff on my blog lately and now i have this assignment. aaahk i'm not really complaining. i'm just saying that i am very far from finishing the task and here i am blogging about this, then again distracted, still watching episodes of adventure time and even trying to watch dark shadows, if not only for boinky who woke up before i could even see 20% of the movie. hahaa okayyy i will stop now and go back to what im supposed to do...or am i not? now really feeling sleepy... i haven't even started my 4th plate, just studies and i just remember now that i haven't even bought my wires yet. hmmph. good luck for tomorrow. maybe ill just sleep now. before that, here's a photo of my supposedly major priority-turned-distraction-for-this-assignment. 

and who on earth would not be distracted  with this face? hmmhmmhmm :)