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im dating today's blog as june 29,2008..technically though it's already the 30th.anyhooo..say labot?!...teeeheee. today's the second day that im painting my niece&nephews' room..haha not really much of a perfection but hey..that's what makes art soooo bEA-UTi-FullLLLL! haha
the idea or the concept of the design was not originally mine..got the cute chubby tree idea from my research.:) well, the whole thing was evErythinG from what i saw from the web..there's this office of an artist which they painted their walls with these really cute images..haha the one that attracted me most was that of the tree!..the chubby tree.!when i saw the photo of the office i decided that it would be perfect for the kids' room.:) but of course i still would need their consent. the original coloRs of the wall painting was supposedly just white|brown|lightbrown|pink..but since it's a kiddie room, i thought that it would be better if it would be something that's bright and that the coloRs would be playful..thus i decided to use my favorite coloring colors..[hehe] the secondary---- purple|green|orange. :) as usual we turned the green to yellow green as well as the oRange..the purple to a friendlier shade.hehe. the three colors are not the only ones used..i maintained the white outlines though. added stars and the rest is history. haha. it has been a very long time since i have painted a wall or any flat surfaces...or anything bigger than the eggbots.hehe. with the assistance of my niece&cuzins it's really nice to feel that they're supporting you and most especially that they appreciated your hardwork..[bisag kinopya??haha]char!  :)  
would try to finish the outlines tomorrow..hopefully i could start on the second wall/corner...or maybe on the cabinets.haha.it's definitely labor of love.free snacks rajud.haha.and i also hope they won't be dissapointed with the finished product...which reminds me one of my nephews wishes painted letters and numbers on one of the visible walls..better think of a way how to put these objects that won't make it out of place from the rest of the designs.*** xD



oh eggbot
when will u hatch?
would u even hatch?
is it possible?
made of hardened soil
molded with care.
painted with colors
that would go with
every emotion depicted in
each eggbot face xD.
oh eggbot if u wud hatch
what cud be waiting inside?
what are we to expect?
i don't care what's inside
every eggbot..what we are
to see if ever it hatches.
coz what matters is what every
eggbot brings with itselF...
a hard.not-so-round.painted.glossed object.
a happy face on an eggbot.or not.
.....it is what it is.


this one looked better than the photo
i took from a trip to the north.
...maybe because i was able to change
the flow of the water...
[does it even look like water?!haha]
...manipulate the shadows [was i?!xD]
really fond of feet drawings.happyfeet!