a time when we were watching television with a cousin
when he suddenly spoke up in a very loud voice that
this certain guy singing was "cheter"...we were
wondering what he meant by that until he cited another
personality who was also doing "cheter"..hahahaha..
then we realized that what he meant was actually theater..xD


suma naunsa na.

if only i could really react and be completely violent with everything that it was trying to throw on me! atay! is all i can say for now coz i don't want it to see me affected of whatever it's trying to do as of now. really gets on my nerves. bravo for it. done a great job. could it really be that bad??? i mean the thing that i said or my reaction yesterday/last night?!?!? boooo!!!dunno. im just really irritated right now that i can't tell anybody of such. hayyy ambot nalang jud. pagkairita.. unsa nalang kaha if dili lang mi ing-ani samot na pagkalisura nalang jud tingayyy... ing-ana diay ni?! okay. atay.


now i know

and yes...i found out yesterday that i wasn't following instructions.
haha.that's why..xD



was too bummed last week
coz i can't find my post for IF in their website.
somethin must've gone wrong..
will try next week.haha



dreams..most of it are just fleeting in our sleep.darn.



and why do we have to work tomorrow?
duh.wednesday pa ugma.
it's only a day to go before the declared holidays.
boo for gloria for not including saturday as a holiday.
[we had to work last monday to have a long weekend]
a lesson learned.no ice cream before sleeping.ahaha
hopefully makatulog nako rong gabii intawn kai kapoi
kaayo sakit pa kaayos ulo!!!huhuhuhu
and yey will be packing na diay for katkat bukid!
wooohooo. aww thursdii pa diay :)


new addition

monsters vs aliens are currently screening
in our nearest cinemas.
since mcdonald's happy meal's promoting
the movie, why not grab one! hahaha
*nonsense nsad na yawyaw***
booored gahapon sa hapon...mao na..

the eyes..haha
now it's open..

it's about to close again


friendly kuno oh.ahaha