amadei room

in two days it will be december already which means the days get nearer and nearer for the arrival of this little thing inside meee tummy. weeeeh. here you are just a few weeks or what we will be seeing you.hahaaa ookay. since the entire house is such a mess, we made sure that you'd still have your own space where you'll be undisturbed from all the craziness beyond your door.haha.  and a part for the preparation for your arrival  little one here's our little gift. your daddy thought of having your room painted, and duh i couldn't agree more. finished it in two days last week.heeee. see you in december amadei!!! and i hope you'll love the owls. haha :)


october and counting

ooohctooober! and no it does not mean octoberfest, i'm not interested with alcohol these past months.nyahaha  anyway, yess it's october and in two weeks i won't have to wake up to my alarm and i would then be able to extend my sleeping time at least thirty minutes more.haaha yes my body clock gets up at 7:30 and it's already amazing for me to be awake at 9:30am or 10am, also for the reason that I'm such a light sleeper. yes it's a gift. hahahaa finals week will be next week, but that doesn't mean all requirements will be passed just next week. we just had our finals for our techniques class with a surprising "THIS WILL SERVE AS YOUR FINALS" whaaaaat?!!?!!?! anyway, same-same, i have no idea how to prepare for that class anyway..i just hope that charcoal drawing would give meeeself justice.hahaa and now, we are to prepare for a class exhibit that would open this friday.. my, my the very first exhibit that i'd be joining. hahaha still i hope the work i did won't suck. sneakpeek!!!hahaah 

anyway, i'd have to work on 2 exams for next week and an "ukay-art" that we were supposed to wear during exams day in art history.bahahah okayokay. and now i still don't know what to work on..any suggestions?
aaaah. i hope ill be able to visit the beach soon. sooner because i might not be allowed to travel far anymore.bleebleeblee. at least a nice view before my baby comes out. oooh amadei immanuele will be turning 7months in my tummy next week. :) hoping for a good feedback from my doctor by then. :)


it's a bird! it's a plane!

 IT'S A GIIIIRL!!!! :)

full blog entry to follow.hehehe. but for the meantime ill just share this scanned image of the ultrasound. and my what a "lihok" baby she is! hahahahaa. it's so great to finally see what's the little one doing inside making me feel those bumps and kicks. thank God the baby's on it's proper position. still have to think of the name though... :) also a december baby!


RIP iggy

drawn 7/31/2011..while waiting for ditsii
i gave him the name piggy when he arrived years back..i am not sure if i was still in highschool or was it early years in college. he was sooo cute and was fluffy that i could not think of any name but call just PIGGY. and since everyone was too lazy to call him so, eventually people ended up calling him iggy. maybe it really takes some effort for them to mention the P.heehe.
this morning my mom announced to me with a distressing tone in her voice that we lost Iggy. i thought she was referring to finding him dead at or front porch not moving because throughout the entire weekend he was unusually weak and tired...sooo unlikely because for over a week previously he was soooo 'active' with  that other dog at home whom i barely care. and i just thought he had enough activity for that week, maybe he needed to relax. he was lying behind the door throughout the weekend. was it a sign? tsktsk.
iggy actually died coz he got hit by a motorcycle according to the witnesses. at least according to my mom, iggy did not look as if he was run over by a vehicle or what. there was just blood on his mouth and that's it. i really was not able to see him anymore because by the time the news got to me, Iggy was ready for 'burial'.
Hearing the news i immediately called yobah[what i call my sister] about the news and not crying was not an option. hehe, i was wailing the entire time we talked and she told me she'd call back on our land line.
it's a pretty sad morning. i know i had been not so kind to iggy except during his puppy years..but i truly adore his fat neck..soo furry his collar seems to be too tight for him even if it's not, and many other little things. i will miss his "excited" look sometimes when he's sitting on our front porch with his tail waving left and right on the floor, as if he is wiping it. i'm sad coz i refused to bring him his food last night, i'm sad coz i was sooo mad at him last sunday for being sooo stubborn. i'm sorry gigoooy. :( i hope you will be well there in dog heaven. :) iloveyou.sniffsniff.



when i saw a poster of this film in tumblr i rushed right away to check in youtube for the trailer! and waddya know there was a film made based on my most loved author, haruki murakami!! huwaaaaaw. got to watch the adaptation and see if they will be able to capture the murakami spirit into the film. i still need to get a copy of the book though.haahaha.. but really i'm so curious and thrilled to see a murakami masterpiece in film.


my unfluffy neighbor TOTORO

hayao miyazaki's animation has been enchanting me since i saw spirited away two years ago. his way of telling stories has always been so candid and there's always something about the characters in his animated films that captures my...i don't know how to explain it, basta im not so good with words, and if ever you've seen a miyazaki film and loved ityou'd probably kknow what i mean.haahaha since i got back in cebu and has all the free time to do movie marathons as i can, i downloaded most of miyazaki's films and planned to watching them all. too bad torrent's not really complete. anyway, i had this copy of my neighbor totoro since last year in my lappy and i just have to watch it again same as my other favorite, howl's moving castle.  being that he is with his two smaller copies, TOTORO is just sooooo KYOOOT!hahahaha i dunno, it just so happened that i already have several posts of totoro in my tumblr. and recently, i have been searching for totoro baby stuff over the internet and hoping i could get one...for free.hahahahaa
anyweeez.. since i'm only having 3 classes a week and has plenty of free time to play with wet paper and put them all together, after the very long weekend, aside from completing budi's belated birthday gift, i'm finally done with this!!!!
totoro with the gang
 my very own totoro 'action figure'.haahahaha i just like to call it though..it doesn't really do any action. it just sits and stares which makes it all sooo adorable. too bad it's not really as soft as the actual totoro but looking at it is sooo much fun.hahahaha i'm planning to make more..and since i just finished my phineas and ferb season 1 marathon, i'm planning i should make a perry the platypus paper mache as well! the perry with the stupid face of course, he's way more cuterrr with his "doesn't do much"-face.hahahahaa will start tomorrow or maybe tonight..we'll see.


not-sobigtummy schoolgirl

ohwaaw. it's already June. i wasn't able to update about my admission to school coz it has been an annoying process considering i have to receive inconsistent instructions going back to UP almost everyday during the last weeks of May.haaha anyway finally i got in and we had a few meetings last week and we met with our professors, i just have two coz two of my subjects has the same teacher and yesss i only have to take three subjects this semester. all morning classes, on mondays, thursdays, and fridays.harrharr. i wish i could do more than just going to my classes everyday to keep me busy..keeping me from missing toooo much of [warning: cheesy mode] chrissy.[see you in month and 2 weeks]boo.

haaha anyway we'll see maybe my sched is just okay since i have this bundle of joy in meee belly. and whattdya know...it turned 12weeks last week.haaha but i don't know if the computation is that accurate. i was not feeling good after we had the check-up last saturday. the doctor tried to see saying that at twelve weeks we would be able to hear the baby's heartbeat. using a fetal doppler stethoscope, she searched for a sound but nadaaa can't find it. ohno.. in my head what's going on heeere? my doctor told me that i should visit the next thursday and have another check-up, if still there'd be a problem hearing the baby's heartbeat, then i should get an ultrasound. boohoo. i don't know.. i'm just praying that the baby's fine and normal and whatever that was..i hope it's nothing that would lead to a problem. lately my body's responding pretty great. i don't vomit that much anymore, my appetite's better..my only agony is looking for pants/shorts/skirts that would fit my waistline. the doctor asked me if ever i experienced cramps in my tummy or any spotting, there's none of these i had since my check-up the month before. that's why there is no reason for us to expect any problems with the pregnancy.huhu.

now to a brighter side. i have just had three classes since last week and i can say for now that i did not regret making my decision to quit my job and come home. i don't know maybe it's just the start but i have a feeling the classes i'm taking this time are wayyy different from what i had few years back. maybe my older age contributes to this feeling?hahaaha i think i have more drive to learn now than before.hahahaa
yes everything did not really go according to plan but maybe in this way it will be better, it might be a tough one but i guess it's time for me to take something like this BIG.hahaa goodluck to me and may i have good health always. harrrharr.mustnotgetsick!!!


9 weeks as of today

seven months to go. please get well na dear tummy so i could stop worrying na.heehee.
and i hope my tummy doesn't get too much acidic...i hate throwing up before/after dinnertime..it disrupts my appetite.
see you in december little one.haaha ;D


it was culture-rich, skin-burning, tummy-filling GOOD

i was not that excited for the thai trip considering that i was already out of work, no savings. and on the week before the trip my body was being uncooperative specifically my food passage area[throat pains/tonsilitis/cough/burnt tongue]. haaha whattya know. my budget was too tight so i was not excited about the tours most especially the shopping. i still have to consider my daily food spending.baahahaa. anyway, thanks to my meds and prayers[thanks ma], my body was ready to go. left on the 14th for manila in the morning, then our thai flight on the evening..talking about lack of sleep. three hours later...hello thailand. 

when we arrived it was still the 15th, so we still get to have a little bit of songkran, thailand's new year celebration. no wonder there was one taxi, when we arrived in bangkok, whose passengers were teenagers who were soaking wet. songkran is all about getting from wikipedia: The throwing of water originated as a way to pay respect to people, by capturing the water after it had been poured over the Buddhas for cleansing and then using this "blessed" water to give good fortune to elders and family by gently pouring it on the shoulder. Among young people the holiday evolved to include dousing strangers with water to relieve the heat, since April is the hottest month in Thailand (temperatures can rise to over 100°F or 40°C on some days). This has further evolved into water fights and splashing water over people riding in vehicles.. haahaa  even on our last days in thailand, there are still cars/vehicles covered with what appears to be chalk/flour from the songkran celebration.
our 1st day train ride to siam area. on my head: "i still need to buy film"
the first day was mostly research day, visiting shops, mall-hopping around the city. i really do enjoy, even though i'm no longer part of the team how we get to see ideas around places then incorporate it in our industry. 

our first Thai meal was in one of the malls we visited, i think it was in siam center. it was sooo thai that when i ordered spicy prawns, thinking it would be filipino spicy and not "hot", i was soooo wrong. it was crazily hot that i have to get food from meee colleagues so i can finish my rice.haaha well, we were still able to eat all the prawns despite the painful feeling on our tongues. haahaa ;esson learned: do not be too adventurous dear.
somewhere between siam paragon and siam center...two malls just across each other.

dinnertime on our first day was at some place at siam square. boss's treat, boss's order. catfish salad, pad thai, shrimp and chicken tomyum, what else? ummmm i dunno my tummy consumed them all.haahaa

the next day was scheduled for our trip to chatujak. the most popular shopping destination in thailand during the weekends. and yes i was not able to budget my money properly...and even failed to buy something for mamsi and papsi. boo for me.
2nd day: weekend means chatujak! somewhere in sukhumvit, i dunno what i was even doing here when we were supposed to be walking on our way to the station for a train ride to mo chit station
after chatujak, we were going to meet up with ate tin's friend joey. he was going to bring us to kaosan, it's a night market, but also a place where almost all the foreigners head to when they visited thailand. and yep, all the guests who are there are foreigners. it was where we had our little night out for some drinks [thanks to Chang beer], some shisha and had that very good tomyum c/o joey.

welcome to kaosan: got to purchase 110 baht films yayyy

shisha-good: harmless

thanks chang: what happens in kaosan, stays in kaosan.haahaa

the next day was scheduled for tour day 1: touring to cltural sites in thailand. that would have to include the grand palace, floating market, the elephant ride, and the reclining buddha. the trip to iforgotthenameoftheplace was soooo long and we ended up at a pier for the boat ride to the floating market which costs !@@%@%#!!!! nevermind the price.. haha leigh im sure you know how much. my heart aches everytime i think about it. even though i was not really the one who paid for it, chrissy could have spend on other stuff with that money..anyhooo.. we didn't really regret taking the ride coz it was pretty neat witnessing the place, but our pockets were just..umm never mind.haahahaha

day 3 is floating market/grand palace day [tsk we lost all our money for the boat ride...blahblahblah..hahaha]
bang! traffica na! weee. despite the bump-cars mode of the boats, everybody was calm.haahaa
an 8 tribe something[ i'm sorry i totally forgot the term] dance we passed by during the floating trip
say goodbye to our bangka driver
and now we are in the grand palace grounds. even before we got into the gates, one can already see the glistening of the grand palace. definitely the most WOW architecture i have ever witnessed.
the gold in grand palace hahaa
the heat was almost unbearable but the place is too majestic to miss
after the grand palace i was excited to go back to the hotel and change clothes. it was 39degrees in thailand! ohmaaaay! such heat would have been great if i was at the beach. but our boss texted us to meet up at a mall in siam. hahaaha chrissy and i ended up eating in mcdo..ummm no rice.

again we met up with joey who would be bringing us to a pad thai place. yummeyyy! i believe it was the most popular pad thai place in thailand.

the one that i was looking forward were the ruins in ayuthaya. yep and it didn't disappoint me. the only thing bothering us all was the heat! we had to skip other sites of ruins of the old city but i think we have seen just enough. it was all beauty.:) and yes! i was able to see ELEPHANTS! yayyy! aaahk!those baby elephants are too cute! this time, i was all smiles after touching an elephant and after having a photo with it.heehe
day 4: ayuthaya day and chicken rice dinner day
this was at our first stop..we got to enter the area without having to pay the 20baht they were charging..heehehe
the reason why i came to thailand! alas! it was fulfilled.. i was too bummed with the expense of the boat ride the day before that we decided to head to grand palace right after the boat ride, leaving the elephants out of thought. good thing there were also elephants in ayuthaya! 
then we went back straight to bangkok all of us wanting to go back to the hotel for a quick change, and quick rest, then again our boss called us to meet up again at the mall coz we still need to go to the art museum. too bad it was closed at that time coz it was a holiday..still songkran. we were sked to visit the next day. :) for dinner ate tin's friend brought us to a place popular for it's chicken rice. it was all good. rice steamed with chicken oil, steamed chicken, plain chicken soup that was not so plain :), and ice cold pepsi. aaaah. what a perfect way to end the most exhausting day.hahaa
an installation outside bangkok's art museum. visited it on the 5th day. our present condition during this time: exhausted and sticky.haha
on our 5th day, our last day in the city, we visited the museum. on our way to the mueum it was raining which was totally opposite from the scorching heat we got on the previous days. but it didn't really last that long, coz when we were finished with the musuem it was sunny again. then we head back quick to the hotel considering our flight's going to be in 3hours.haaha

and now i still have a good hangover from the trip. it's definitely one place i would love to go back to and see more of it. then i hope next time i'd be sorta prepared, specifically my pocket.haaha 


STEP 2.tomorrow!

yuuh. i need to prepare my brain for whatever tomorrow's exam might be. haahaa lord thankyou na maka-take na intawn ko, i hope when they evaluate my TOR, my math and econ would be credited so that i won't have to take extra subjects na. haahaa :) excited for step 3 and the rest.haahaa .sorta. FINGERS CROSSED.

so i guess my monday was pretty productive, especially when i got the news from my cousin that i can have the exam na tomorrow. apart from that i was soo blessed to have my favorite cousin [featured on the previous post] for the fact that we both think soo alike. and yes for gayle's company yesterday while waiting for my cousin and for making me go to a cafe near STC. it was a pretty neat cafe. oh yeah, back to my being really productive yesterday was for the reason i was able to shop for comfeyy clothes for just a hundred pesos! haahaa i was never good with ukays, and my cheapest finds were never because i went to ukay on my own, or with a group but usually with an "adivser". yuuuh haahaa i was just soooo thrilled yesterday coz i was desprately lookin for additional clothes for the trip that when i received my meal and transpo allowance for the week i decided to text meee cousin for a trip to carbon where she usually shops for her forty-peso wardrobe[whatever!!! i hate you for getting the yoshitomo nara shirt!]. haahaa and yep i only got to spend a hundred for 5 pieces of clothing last night. haahahahaha. though i would have to give up the the sweater coz it's too short, "cge lang tag-jis ra bitaw" was my line when iggords warned me that it might be too small. hahaa

photos from cofifi with gaylee. 
the raw-ish feel was great but the pink neon light was a bit off?
birthday girl in 2 days!
very studious eyy
my greentea latte
 i liked their white walls coz i'm also planning on having mine white, convoy-inspired.haahaa
i've always loved places where they never leave the bathroom/CRs out. i forgot to take a photo though, it might not be that amazing but the fact that they had this sorta recycled door, the photos printed on canvas, still the walls and a neat hanging lamp, i found it sorta out of the ordinary, still one of those comfort rooms to remember.haahaa



watching the japanese meal toy video
pawix's Greenpeace mail

one of the things why i love going home. and now that i am, well, hooray to me. haahaa. bleebleeblee. 


STEP 1.check?

requirements and the sked
let's not get too excited. im still in step 1..barely even there yet. haha i have been visiting my dear alma mater for the past two days doing inquiries about what i need to do inorder to get back to school. haahaa and after showing them my tor yesterday, all i needed to do is submit a letter of intent, attach a photocopy of the tor and the checklist. crossing my fingers still and yes i definitely need to work on my portfolio.harrharr. thanks gaylee for accompanying me for the past two days.hahaaha. we did miss UP and ill be definitely back..lord please.i really need to get this.i want this!:) now, i just need to finish my letter and head back there after lunch. new stuff i witnessed last monday:
*THE GATE!!!! transferred right across the AS entrance
*the fountain and landscape in the mgtdiv
*[supposedly]restored tambayan/s?
*no smoking campus
*drinking fountain now near the canteen
*new artsy installations in the campus
*what else..teehee..


shut up

puhleeeze! yelling never helps. it makes me want to get rid of you. kill you. if only it's legal. haahaa


before the baguio weekend

we had this! no digicams for this day, so shots are so few. as always, only got to spend a roll for  dear holga.
post v-whatever day hang-out! haahaa and because we just needed to have our share of fresh air.


baguio weekend still

photos in multiply.. and since i have already exhausted my energy storytelling in multiply.. here it is..


sushi amazing

just because i missed eating sushi, i just have to repost this vid i found from chuvaness. haahaa the japaneeesieee never fails to amaze meee! :)


baguio weekend

[i posted this in tumblr, but decided it's best to have this one here]
weekend blaahberss
haha. i volunteered to do the Baguio show-window set-up, and for the curious meee, we decided to have it this past weekend where it was Panagbenga. bahaha i’m never going to a festival season again without doing a reservation for the transpo and accommodation beforehand. well, sure you could still enjoy the place despite the worry, but you’ll end up killing your feet from going back and forth to one place to another just for the search. lalalala anyhooo.. still survived it, thankfully i had company.thanks for being helpful & patient dear. sesss. my comment: sinulog is way better! :)
[no photos for now.boo :(]


december-january-and early feb

and while i haven't been able to make any posts.. here's some photos over the past months..the most that my holga and the rolls i got can accommodate. i dunno where the hell my digi-cam is.bahaha the photos, hopefully on it's proper order.:)

and there are more here!!!click!click!