my bags packed

ill be leaving for manila
monday morning..very early morning!
ala na naman tuloG..huhu.
gudlak ang shoW!
heehee..nervouslY excited!?
[hmmm is there such phrase?]
i think everything's all set but my USB.
darn why it won't work on ouR pc..it
prevents me from saving the necessary files
i need for work.hope it's not the usb
that's bein a cookoo...so i won't have to go
and fall in line to have it replaced.
[the agonizing long lines in cdR]

oh well. i just hope that ill be doin well
to wherever my path takes meee..hehe!



then again i ended up placing eyeglasses on this kid.


they called

yep it's final.!
i could now declare that i am finally going to have a job.
im just pretty nervous though. thinking whatever could be
waiting for me..waaaah.aziiiin. ah bastah sulayan lang gud..
come what may as they say.. haha



see him roll..


<3 down>

it's almost 3am..still working on the portfolio. i guess squeezing ideas off one's mind is never easy especially if it's empty.haha.well i'm not saying mine's empty..just needs more research inorder to create somethin that's worth looking at/appreciated of some sort.hehe. i just hope these three i have printed won't end up a waste of energy.these three seems okay to me. pretty mediocre huh. well my opinion on design seem mixed up these past weeks..don't have a direction. hope to find it soon! or maybe i'd just stick to what i like doing most...maybe the results would be better..hmm.


wall | done

im just glad that finally the last wall's done!
since chippy said the number 4 and letter U was 'incorrect', i had to change it to his preferred form..[his demanding attitude was sorta understandable since he is just learning how to write and he's not used to seeing the U and 4 that i painted].it's a good thing there was still excess orange and dark bluegreen.no need to mix colors and worry about the shade. ;D
yey..now the only thinkg that i need to worry about is my portfolio and the call.
i need inspiratioN for my portfolio..huhu..gotta do some research.. xD


3rdwall | daY

finally the third and last wall has been colored..looked finished but not really..still has to do some finishing touches basically the white outlines and the portion behind the TV.hehe.now all i have to worry about is to whether there is a need to paint something below the painting on the 3rd wall..hmmm and how to add the 3 shapes chippy would never stop reminding me to paint..rectangle|oblong|heart..i thought he would eventually forget about it but as he notices that the painting looked done..he's thinking i might have forgotten about it..no i didn't..just not sure if adding the shapes would make it ok or cluttered..haha.whatever happens i have to follow my client's desire..though im not paid satisfaction is a must! xD


preparing a portfolio..that's my most important 'to-do' as of now.
the thing is, im not really sure if the portfolio would do any good..
i don't mean that it looks ridiculous or what..i'm not sure it's for something.
it's like im just doing it for myself..waaah.hope to get the call soon..
this one's just one of the 'doodles' i did..haven't finalized pa.as usual
my brain/hands only work when im under pressure..cramminGkiddo!