post mid-jan

another day at work.
not everybody's present in the photos though.
solos only.nyehehehe.xD
this is how we look when payday's still a week to go..

kuya sam

ate tin

tiil ni tope



i promise :)

it's been how many months already since i have taken some time to really doodle something that really jus popped out of my head without having to do any research or having to do it because of work. and after browsin artists' blogs for several months, i guess i 'realized' that i should get myself a doodlebook..haha or at least a notebook...or anythin for that particular use.ahaha
having a sketchpad is too bulky to bring along in case i feel like making my hands move with the pencil to create sumthin.harhar.hmm. so maybe ill buy one this weekend..hopefully.! hahaha and maybe on the next few weeks ill have something to post :D


long overdue captured moments

was rushin out one sunday for mass.then caught these kiddos rushin as well.good thing i had my trustee phonie to steal some shots.too bad gadali ming tanan. these are the only ones i got.the kiddos really looked as if they were enjoyin wit whatever they were doin..xDmissd meee childhood..where you have plenty of restdays.ahahaha!
pushing their cart..

speedin up to catch up with them..teehee

last shot