set-up extras

june, it's set-up month again...

and one needs a lot of patience
with all the waiting..long travels..and freakin traffic...
and even late comers.haha

meee battered shooos :)

hahayy..dugayan na sales...


end of may-o thoughts

didn't go on doing an entry for IF for weeks.
been tooo lazy to think about what to
make for the given theme. i guess a lot
happened for this month..
i complained a month ago about somethin else.
was it a month ago or so. basta.
and by the end of this month i got a few answers.
yep. and still i have to decline. coz i want to.
but still it insists. ambot nalang. letseee what'd happen.
vague?yep everything else is unclear to me as well.