from yesterday

it's been a long time since i used my cam
for anythin and even nonsense...this one
i don't know....
my "cheer-up" team. haha murag buang.
not all of them though...



it's been over a week.
still i can't think of any.

boring na kau ako utok.
"walai ideas dira mam?!"




it had been more than two months
since the movie was supposed to be
released. nahuman nalang ang transformers,
icae age, harry potter, ug uban pa wala pajud ni!
hahahaha! nakakita nalang kos sugod sa filmhill..wa japon
neeehowz..the wait's over! will be watching UP
this weekend! weeeh! hopin it won't disappoint meee.xD



just drank the last of the 3 most powerful drug.
haha kidding. it worked! sort of.buyag-buyag.
at least the shocking price on this one was worth it. :)



nope im not trying to clear my throat to get attention.
coughing for more than three days is making me sick.
woke up 3 times last nightmiddle of the night just because of it.
then i have to change sleeping position just to be able to breathe.
darn this sickness is such a hassle. and now i have to purchase a
300pesopertablet meds just to get rid of it.waaaah. haaay.
anyhooo..payday's this weekend. i just hope it wn't be delayed.
hehe.and yes i hope this coughing would all end so that i could go back
to eating all the junk and sweets i've been craving for days!
so let's pray that dear zithromax would work.:)