a short i found from some illustrator's blog.
and what do ya know, it starred the one who
played alice in the upcoming burton film.


am i doomed?

*the word is out already!


goodness..this takes a great amount of patience!!!

22,742 pieces of Lego make a boardroom table for a new advertising agency in Dublin


i wish i have their passion for what they are doing.
nyahahaha.dream.dream.dream. oooh hope ill be
able to get a download of this.haha


squeeze me

aside from finishing my task from yesterday,
i was practically unproductive today!
grrr...oh well at least i have this thing
to squeeze!nyahaha.hello there crookii!


:D weee!
finally done watching after two days of not taking mee lunchbreak naps.
been waiting to watch this one after seeing the trailer sometime last year.
been hooked with the song on the trailer as well...last year japon.;)
made me miss reading murakami's books. i don't know, probably coz
of the "short-story" style of the movie and the 'candid' stories portrayed.
ahak aning rant.
i hope i have more time to finish palahniuk within this month so that
i could read another murakami by then.



the weekend where we had so many reasons to celebrate.
late09.:) let's do this again with more people and more time!


7 weeks

just got home from our three day annual company seminar.
and after setting the plans for the rest of the year,
kuya arnel just calculated the number of shirts we have to
accomplish before may arrives..chedeng>>>42 shirts per person!
nyahahaa good luck to all of us! considering this is not the only
thing we need to take care.. hello overtimes!
hopefully our resources would cooperate.
AC, check!
tracing papers, check!
printer, hopefully would do.
computers, where oh where is my PC eyy?
what else? oh well i know there's always a way..
we can do this!!!!
nyahahaha!!! go team.
photo not related. took this one [i think, or was this chrissy's]
at jenna's cousin's bldg rooftop.
nyahaha wala nasai nawng ni jinami.
thanks again jen!haha