more reasons to dislike bunny rabbits.



wow! never thought that such term even existed until
i came across one of the posts from lomo's website.

when i was a kid i was one of those who gets pleasure
in purchasing those sticky printed stuff---stickers!
and then sticking them!
i can still remember the feeling i had everytime
we go have groceries at robi and i have to wait for
my mom. then i get to pass that sticker store at
the same floor the grocery was. looking at those
sticky colorful stuff makes me really excited, i'd
even have to go check the store more than twice
to see what could be in store, then
in the end of the day, still i can't have what i want
coz i hate asking from my mom.haha. anyway,
sometimes i get lucky and get to purchase
i also remember way back gradeschool, one of my classmates
used to have all those imported stickers, which one could barely
find from our local bookstores.tsk.unlike today stickers
are everywhere!they are not as accessible then.hahaha

now back to affixation remorse..it says here that it is the
feeling when you get to stick a particular sticker in some
spot when you could have posted it better somewhere
else!haha! brings back memories when it takes me sooo
much time to decide where to put mee stickers on, or
should i use it on this one, maybe i could put it somewhere
nicer in the future..blahblahblah.hahaha
probably had this feeling for a lot of times already, but
i guess that's just part of the whole experience with
stickers! waaaw! haha but really, when i see some
old stickers in some surface, it sorts of give that certain
surface some attitude or history. something like that.
way back in highschool, when i see our neighbor's fridge
covered with maggi disney stickers, it reminded me of
how i was more interested in buying that brand so that
i could have those freeee stickers. samok lang jud ang
logo sa maggi. right now im looking for some good stickers
so i could stick it on mee holga. haha and now i have
this stickerbomb book on my table, with over 280 peelable
stickers as the cover of the book stated, may i peel at least 2
awesome stickers so that i could stick it then get the feeling
that i should have placed it somewhere better.


2nd roll

thanks to yobags for buying me this roll!
i greatly appreciate the good quality of images
compared to the ones i had on my first one.
probably the developing center would also matter.



just finished watching this mooveyy!
and yes! i dooo laaahveht! haha
made me think of the days when we
used to skate. before roller blades
became a fad we used to be so good
with the non-in-line ones! :)


happy birthday!

manang gaaayl!
hope you had a good one toodeeey! :)
here's one for you, but without the bangs!


the xx

been listening to their myspace for months now,
but never really thought . of checking their vids
until i stumbled on this one from one blog i've checked today.
:) i envy the part where the girl threw the chair..i've been
wanting to do such.wheheh



i know my birthday's still in 8 months

and a good friend's birthday comes ahead
in 2 days, but i already have something
soo wanting to have. i don't dare to spend
anything more for now, coz my current financial
status is just too much(more like less) to bear.haha!
this here i what i would like to have. please can i have one?


my first holga expiiiryaaahns

been waiting for too long.
here's the result of being too
excited over the wonders of b-setting
and forgetting to turn it back to n-setting.
bummer! anyhooo these here
are the products of my first roll. :)

can't wait for my second to be developed!


tales from the forest by j.f.leguizamon

browsing the net's part of my job.
haha! and so here i go again, i found
another thing i would love to share!
since it's too bulky to post per frame
of juan leguizamon's work, so a
a gif file out of it would be great. haha