request # 2

panoramic...ahhh..who doesn't like viewing photos in this view?!
gotta have one..someday...please can i have one.


RULE # 5



the heat is killing me!
this superduper-extra large-sized  tasty drink
would really help!
can mcdo provide me some coke freeze or
coke float of this size?
aaaaah makabuyoook oy!

illustration: http://katiawishsketch.blogspot.com/


3rd roll surprise

**im on my third roll of film for since i bought 
    my toycam. learning from my 2nd roll, i decided to buy
    kodak again with 400 ASA. great. so let's start 
   experimenting how it looks like having multiple 
   exposures, delaying the shutter| using b setting
   and all those wonders one can do with a holga, at least .
   my holga doesn't do much light leaks as much as the 120
  does. but thanks to our clumsiness, we got to have a few
  exposed shots and some leaked ones. bravo! how i
  just love messing around with this toy! 
**and as i have said a few posts before the developing
   center does matter! we had my film developed first at this
   nearby kodak center which they give out a free film for
   every developing service, unfortunately after my excitement
   on having my photos, they only got to print 2 shots stating
   that the rest weren't good at all, their machine can't "read"
   the rest of the shots. haha.pretty frustrating ey! but as we checked
   out the roll, the negatives were pretty neat! pataka lang jud tong
   babay! chrissy said let's have it looked in picture city the next day.
   and what do you know! they did it. all you have to tell the 
   personnel is to print all, whether it's 'good' or not. weee. so there i
   was sunday evening beaming with joy. fascinated with myself.bwahaha.


just starting

it was just recently that i really found the time to
browse everyday on the lomo site and get to know
more about the "lomo-community" and just about
anything you need to know about the lomoworld!
errr.im just way behind i guess. so far, i have only
posted 3 albums, each barely containing 2-3 pixies.
there are even more photos posted here in my blog
oh well, at least i'm starting to have "likes" na.
hahaha baws-baws ragud ang style diay!
weeee. looking forward for more holga trips! :)