tooowyerrrs nakooo

woah! it's pretty darn amazing how time flies fast.. was it that fast? naaah. not really. there were times that it felt like fast and there were plenty that one would wish would be over. but whatever it were, i'm glad to have come this far. during lunchbreak i was talking with chrissy about our two years of stay in the company, how sometimes it's not really that enjoyable here[coz we're far far from home...homesick blabbers...things are so costly], and out pay's not that very supportive with us. you know, things an employee usually complains about. told him that i'm absolutely here not because of the money but for the job, and two years on the record is pretty enough for me to decide to...RESIGN!!! haha boang ka dai? shit. the things i got to bear for being far from my family and friends. i'm not being dramatic, i'm just saying that i hope these would all be learning experiences for me to be stronger. and yes, i hope things would go according to plan for the next following months. i still do hope to stay in the company till the first 5 months next year so i can join the annual trip and still get to contribute, if they would allow me to, that is if the MGT wouldn't get so crappy about my plans of resigning. oh well, another come what may situation. 
but yeheeeey to me for getting this far for a job that's situated far from home. i guess the job counts, i wish i have this job in cebu and everybody would be happy!hahaha 

here's some shots i had two years ago when my phone's camera's workin perfectly fine :)

my last sushi meal at rai rai before i left for work july 08
byebye cebu for now. see yah in 5 months.huhu
the placard i found on my seat sa  co. service when i arrived [welcome home?!?!]


35mm by Pascal Monaco

35mm from Pascal Monaco on Vimeo.

can you guess the 35 movies showcased in the video? guess! guess!haha!


in a couple of weeks and it'd be a year of mainly two things(another year ra diay sa usa). i'm not excited though, too bad. a lot of things can still happen in fifteen days and we don't know whatever's going on on both our heads. it's sooo gubot and i don't know how long it'd stay this way. lately, i have been too irritable on a lot of things, which i myself got annoyed with how my mind's been thinking. and it's very exhausting! hopefully the following weeks would pass by well and would be kind enough to give me a break from all these draining emotions that i don't even need. and i hope that my job's pay on the next cut-off would be good [as in pwede mag-increase na kai kapoy kaayo!] and maybe, i'm really wishing that everything would go well on that awaited date. 


Viva España

i was too zombie-mode yesterday to even type anything about the WorldCup finals. my head was hurting the entire day due to the lack of sleep. sure, i was able to snooze for a couple of hours but it doesn't help much. anyway, i was not really that excited to watch the finals for the reason that the teams i wanted to be in the finals are not the ones playing on it. and for that reason, i did not take much effort on waking up at my 2:30 alarm, snoozed it twice until i turned the alarm off, forgetting and suddenly woke up exactly an hour after, turned on the TV catching halftime of the game.blaaah.*not excited mode but still interested* but fairly enough, Netherlands and Spain did a good job on maintaining zeros until the 116th minute of the game. but still, i thought to myself, it would have been better if it ended with a shootout. nyahaha. congratulations to Spain.! congratulations to friggin octopus Paul. during the awarding, one can't help but also feel good about the winning, those beaming faces and the look of the trophy..woah. it does feel great even winning a game during the intramurals, what more in a WorldCup finals.!nyahahaha xD. just have to steal some shots from our TV, feeling naa sa soccer city.haha xD.

*what a coincidence..my first and only not in-the-house viewing for this year's WorldCup was done in some Spanish bar/resto.


and i thought this morning' s game would be an exception. well, i agreed that Spain could win, but at the back of my head i was hoping for Germany to win, despite the heartbreak i got from their winning against my team. this morning, i only get to watch probably the last 3 minutes or so of the game, coz i wasn't able to wake up. i had no clue on who was leading and to whether the mollusk's choice was right. until the sound came and the commentator stated Spain's victory.  haha! that water critter can really guess. or yah it could be psychic. whatever. anyway, at least this finals would be so full of firsts.[click here..] and it would be pretty exciting. and please don't let that octopus decide the finals' fate. i hope i get to wake up 2:30 monday morning and i hope S23 would be kind enough to telecast the game live same as they did for the semis. :)


i want this too!

so perfeclty imperfect!
gotta love the dreamy blurry effect this camera captures!

Digital Harinezumi 2 Video Audio Camera


4teams to go

i'm no longer excited with the World Cup after Argentina's loss to Germany. too bad both teams had to face each other too early. and now, Spain and Germany would be facing each other, still, why do they have to face each other at this stage? but as i see it, Germany would be the champion. but i'm just stating that coz it's only their and Spain's games that i have remembered watching their perforrmance. i guess i get to see a little of one of Uruguay's games but it didn't really give me an idea of how they play so i don't know, i don't have any idea how they go. for Netherlands, according to my cousins they were just lucky on their winning against Brazil. still, can't say anything about their performance. good luck to Germany and Spain. there could be good defense for both teams, if Spain makes sure they don't act Argentina on their last game. hmph. WHY?! haha [still hurrting, damnit!] oooh..anyway, here's a video i found from lomo's posts coz there's a guy in the ad wearing a shirt with a  supersampler print. but i'm posting it coz of messi. darn whaaay do they[Germany] have to be sooo harsh! haaahaa




anyway..kudos to Germany, they were really good.
they did well on their defense making sure Argentina's strikers
couldn't get through. then they had good passes as well. 
porma jud kaayo sila oy! 

kompyansa ra man gud kaayos Maradona oy! tsk!
heehee, Spain's game will be playing this 2:30..
don't really care anymore who wins. haahaa


nike ad curse

i forgot to mention, those guys involved in the Nike Write the Future which is in one of my previous posts are were sadly sent home already with their teams. good for Brazil that they didn't include Ronaldinho in their line-up. teehee.

quarterfinals starts tonight!

after a week of not being able to properly catch up with the World Cup games, (the telecasts i have been watching are way too delayed) it's already quarterfinals!!! ohmaaay!! sooo many i missed! darn it! missed the Portugal v España game as well as Argentina v Mexico, slept on Germany v England's 2nd half. bida! it'll be Brazil v  Netherlands tonight, but i'm not really excited about that. the game that i'm really looking forward to would be tomorrow's match between Argentina v Germany. aaaah!!! both teams are just simply...i don't know how to describe it properly basta mao jud ning duwaa na tan-awun jud kai ambot ngano sila pai gaabot ani na stage! makasapot! mga maayo jud oyee!!!  
i hope my cousins would agree tomorrow that we should postpone that sky thingy and watch the World Cup instead, well at least i have iggords on my side na! haha! i'm sure she would hate missing it as well. 
and now as i browsed through my chrome browser, it's just now that i discovered that they're having WorldCup themes as well! haahaa. and just to support mee team, here's what my browser looks like a few hours ago[i switched it back to my original anyway]. and that article from yahoo sports regarding the pressure between Argentina and Germany, Argentinian coach Maradona mocking one of the German player is just hilaaaarious! oh well, come what may. but still i don't mind Germany winning but it'll be great seeing Messi's team advance! 

care for some jackjohnson? click image :)
To the Sea