december-january-and early feb

and while i haven't been able to make any posts.. here's some photos over the past months..the most that my holga and the rolls i got can accommodate. i dunno where the hell my digi-cam is.bahaha the photos, hopefully on it's proper order.:)

and there are more here!!!click!click!



hello blogger.
it's been a verrrrry long time since i made any posts here. talking about almost 2 months, yep 2 months it is since my last post. i'm even too lazy to check posts in blogger since the people on my dashboard hadn't been posting as well for several weeks during my last visits in blogger. but i still do check my dashboard time to time but i rarely click the posts of some sites i follow. again too lazy. or maybe i had been so caught up with the very easy-posting tumblr! 2 clicks and you got a post. reblog nalang ng rreblog. hahaha but  hey, even though i do reblogs of posts that interests me from the people that i follow, at least it's not too spammish or whatever you call it. hahaha talking about my niece who crazily floods her tumblr with reblogs. hahaha but hey what the heck it's her account and she didn't really ask me to follow her. so i really have nothing against it. hahahaha i'm also hooked into tumblr coz there are more pages/homes i can follow of whom makes posts of things im really interested at...or not. bahahaha anyway im still saving my wordy texts posts for blogger, and more photo posts or image reblogs in tumblr. owkayyy. so really, this post is not supposed to be about my tumblr whatevarrrs but it's supposed to be an update as if anybody cares, i don't either, but the hell i would like to tell..haha rhymoww.

*it'll be a few weeks and tadaaah! it's march: which means april is coming.. a lot of reasons why and why not to look forward for april:
1)  ill be jobless :(
2)  cebu here i come! :)
3) UP kong mahal sana makapasok ako uli :}
4) still haven't started with mee portfolio :{
5) cebu food the best! :D
6) got to see the favorite cousin (bahahaha biased, whateverrr) :D
7) hopefully thailand too :]
8) motherly hilots ;D
9) beaches:sunburns:weeee :)
10) plenty o changes! :[
11) Artwork?hmm.bye?tsk. :(
12) chrissy?we can do this. haha boo.

i don't know, i hope this month won't be that shocking for me. lord ikaw najui bahala nako. hehehe