my unfluffy neighbor TOTORO

hayao miyazaki's animation has been enchanting me since i saw spirited away two years ago. his way of telling stories has always been so candid and there's always something about the characters in his animated films that captures my...i don't know how to explain it, basta im not so good with words, and if ever you've seen a miyazaki film and loved ityou'd probably kknow what i mean.haahaha since i got back in cebu and has all the free time to do movie marathons as i can, i downloaded most of miyazaki's films and planned to watching them all. too bad torrent's not really complete. anyway, i had this copy of my neighbor totoro since last year in my lappy and i just have to watch it again same as my other favorite, howl's moving castle.  being that he is with his two smaller copies, TOTORO is just sooooo KYOOOT!hahahaha i dunno, it just so happened that i already have several posts of totoro in my tumblr. and recently, i have been searching for totoro baby stuff over the internet and hoping i could get one...for free.hahahahaa
anyweeez.. since i'm only having 3 classes a week and has plenty of free time to play with wet paper and put them all together, after the very long weekend, aside from completing budi's belated birthday gift, i'm finally done with this!!!!
totoro with the gang
 my very own totoro 'action figure'.haahahaha i just like to call it though..it doesn't really do any action. it just sits and stares which makes it all sooo adorable. too bad it's not really as soft as the actual totoro but looking at it is sooo much fun.hahahaha i'm planning to make more..and since i just finished my phineas and ferb season 1 marathon, i'm planning i should make a perry the platypus paper mache as well! the perry with the stupid face of course, he's way more cuterrr with his "doesn't do much"-face.hahahahaa will start tomorrow or maybe tonight..we'll see.


not-sobigtummy schoolgirl

ohwaaw. it's already June. i wasn't able to update about my admission to school coz it has been an annoying process considering i have to receive inconsistent instructions going back to UP almost everyday during the last weeks of May.haaha anyway finally i got in and we had a few meetings last week and we met with our professors, i just have two coz two of my subjects has the same teacher and yesss i only have to take three subjects this semester. all morning classes, on mondays, thursdays, and fridays.harrharr. i wish i could do more than just going to my classes everyday to keep me busy..keeping me from missing toooo much of [warning: cheesy mode] chrissy.[see you in month and 2 weeks]boo.

haaha anyway we'll see maybe my sched is just okay since i have this bundle of joy in meee belly. and whattdya know...it turned 12weeks last week.haaha but i don't know if the computation is that accurate. i was not feeling good after we had the check-up last saturday. the doctor tried to see saying that at twelve weeks we would be able to hear the baby's heartbeat. using a fetal doppler stethoscope, she searched for a sound but nadaaa can't find it. ohno.. in my head what's going on heeere? my doctor told me that i should visit the next thursday and have another check-up, if still there'd be a problem hearing the baby's heartbeat, then i should get an ultrasound. boohoo. i don't know.. i'm just praying that the baby's fine and normal and whatever that was..i hope it's nothing that would lead to a problem. lately my body's responding pretty great. i don't vomit that much anymore, my appetite's better..my only agony is looking for pants/shorts/skirts that would fit my waistline. the doctor asked me if ever i experienced cramps in my tummy or any spotting, there's none of these i had since my check-up the month before. that's why there is no reason for us to expect any problems with the pregnancy.huhu.

now to a brighter side. i have just had three classes since last week and i can say for now that i did not regret making my decision to quit my job and come home. i don't know maybe it's just the start but i have a feeling the classes i'm taking this time are wayyy different from what i had few years back. maybe my older age contributes to this feeling?hahaaha i think i have more drive to learn now than before.hahahaa
yes everything did not really go according to plan but maybe in this way it will be better, it might be a tough one but i guess it's time for me to take something like this BIG.hahaa goodluck to me and may i have good health always. harrrharr.mustnotgetsick!!!