RIP iggy

drawn 7/31/2011..while waiting for ditsii
i gave him the name piggy when he arrived years back..i am not sure if i was still in highschool or was it early years in college. he was sooo cute and was fluffy that i could not think of any name but call just PIGGY. and since everyone was too lazy to call him so, eventually people ended up calling him iggy. maybe it really takes some effort for them to mention the P.heehe.
this morning my mom announced to me with a distressing tone in her voice that we lost Iggy. i thought she was referring to finding him dead at or front porch not moving because throughout the entire weekend he was unusually weak and tired...sooo unlikely because for over a week previously he was soooo 'active' with  that other dog at home whom i barely care. and i just thought he had enough activity for that week, maybe he needed to relax. he was lying behind the door throughout the weekend. was it a sign? tsktsk.
iggy actually died coz he got hit by a motorcycle according to the witnesses. at least according to my mom, iggy did not look as if he was run over by a vehicle or what. there was just blood on his mouth and that's it. i really was not able to see him anymore because by the time the news got to me, Iggy was ready for 'burial'.
Hearing the news i immediately called yobah[what i call my sister] about the news and not crying was not an option. hehe, i was wailing the entire time we talked and she told me she'd call back on our land line.
it's a pretty sad morning. i know i had been not so kind to iggy except during his puppy years..but i truly adore his fat neck..soo furry his collar seems to be too tight for him even if it's not, and many other little things. i will miss his "excited" look sometimes when he's sitting on our front porch with his tail waving left and right on the floor, as if he is wiping it. i'm sad coz i refused to bring him his food last night, i'm sad coz i was sooo mad at him last sunday for being sooo stubborn. i'm sorry gigoooy. :( i hope you will be well there in dog heaven. :) iloveyou.sniffsniff.