today is thursday and just a week to go dear tope will be home to celebrate his birthday with us! hooray for happybirthdays! hahaa i hope my excitement won't jinx any of whatever there is to look forward to. haaha anyway i already got a malas moment yeaterday when my 7 months worth of boinky memories went down the drain thankyou very much stupid nokia phone which until now hasn't been openlined. it suddenly went loco yesterday while i was waiting for the photos to load for viewing then suddenly the numbers of the files started to decrease until viola!: from almost 800 photos, it became 40 something?!?!?! how happy is that! i even tried to check the phone through the computer wishing that the files were still there somewhere in the memory card, but no, no, no. no files. bow! sheeesh. and the phone won't capture still shots but records videos...how weird is thaaat?!?!?! anyway, i will stop complaining now, the phone was a gift.heheee too helpless, i cried.hahaha

okay now, i still have pending stuff to accomplish, wishing i would be able to join Shell's 45th NSAC. crossing my fingers that i may be able to have my materials by the weekend considering the deadline's getting nearer very quick, first week of August. also, i hope to finish mee homeworks for this saturday's class and be able to finalize the product that i'll be uisng for the graphics class for monday.lalalala and most of all to be able to fix this little t-rex for the materials class. hooray! a lot of work to do! lord, please help me to be more organized with my time, because between the 1-2 days break from every class i get with my schedule, i still have to squeeze in little boinky and everybody knows she just can't be squeezed! she's top priority!!! hahaha and my she's growing up sooo fast, she's trying to stand on her own already, and sitting straight is a piece of cake! :) and she does these movements with her hands which im very excited to show her dadii when he gets home next week.


let the countdown begin! rarrr! says my faceless unfinished trex..hahaa i hope it will stand once it will be completely covered!

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