a week from now, my little one will be nearing her half a year's existence outside me tummy. wowoww! thank you lord for making me strong and patient and for everything else that has made me a better person[i think! walai mulalis!haha] because of the boinkyling.

after months of adjusting my bodyclock the sleepless nights aren't that bad anymore, and the little one has also been doing her part by being able to sleepback on her own when we do milk time in the middle of the night. her change in sleeping patterns have also been helpful for she sleeps in longer hours, so i get  extra time to bawi, hooray for amadei! and yes, my eternal eyebags for it would always be there whether i get enough sleep or not(darker circles), so amadei really has nothing to do with it, okay, i have embraced my panda eyes for a long time already.hahaha


making the six-month update now? yes, i will be writing this now while my hands are in the mood to turn on the computer and type the words from my thoughts.

 thumbsucking[also loves to eat my arm and my shirt], loves the outdoors, will love swimming, attempting to crawl and sit, starting to eat her cereal and pureed meals, eyes following my actions when we eat, making sounds, trying to speak, saying mamama and some syllables, finally trying to reach for the hanging owls mobile, looking curiously around her, pushing her legs so that she could stand[of course with someone holding her], reaches for her toes and sometimes wanting to put it in her mouth, getting cranky when i change her clothes, still loves the camera, trying out formula, feet that are bigger the size of her shoe-socks, a dozen of out-grown shirts/onesies, drinking water, easier bath times, good smelling and kissable everywhere and more lovable than ever.

all of that is why i am boinkybusy, i can go all day locked in our room with the little one. only boinky gets tired being stuck in our room all day.hehee

thankyou for making mee mornings always smiley boinky. seeing your face first thing when i wake up will always be the perfect way to start the day. i love you.

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