first summer together

this summer, me and dear cousin byettsie were both only able to go out twice, once in oslob and once in that pool resort in the north that is not worth mentioning. this would be due to our limited resources unlike dear sissie yobah whose weekends were always booked with getaways. our schedules were full for certain responsibilities and our pockets unable to fill-up for the needed expenditures.hahaaay.
enough of this blabber, what i want to talk about is how happy i am with the thought that my baby is unafraid of dipping into such bodies of water (beach&pool). during our trip last march in the south, she didn't even cry when we started going into the water neither did she when we were just at the shore where there were strong splashes of water. she even loved the wind blowing on her face. hahaha we were only forced to bring her back to the room when we realized she was already sound asleep while we were in the water. hahaaha okay. hooray for Amadei for she doesn't have a problem with the beach.

sleepy...splashes of water too relaxing for the boinky

and now, before the summer ends, we just had to go out and dip into some good ol water and sunshine. though it was a bit gloomy on our way to the not-so-far north, the entire time we were in the poolplace was kinda sunny. at our first attempt to swim, Amadei was crying her heart out only to realize that she was already hungry..haha bad mother. sorreyy, was tooo excited for her to get into the water. after she got her milk and short nap, we went back to the water and there she was, loving the water, kicking her legs, smiling.

boinky: [thumbs-up] we shall do this again mommi! :)
looking forward to more beach outings with the little one. please don't be like mommi who doesn't know how to swim. haha boo me.

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