our friend the low tide

sometimes what you did not desire will give you good experiences.

ditsi, thank you for this one! it has been a long time since i went out for an unplanned trip to the beach


mud therapy: talking about sinking up to your ankles haha struggle~~

taking a tryc-ride to the other beach, boinky so ready to go 

i'm a happy biker. i haven't pedalled for a long time..
probably the last one was during lunchbreaks, artwork days.

and there we were.."oh no it's super low tide!"

but there's still water, so there's nothing to be sad about.
 and the sandbars were were the best thing that happened that day

Amadei was able to sit by the beach, 
if it was high tide we will be forced to to swim/sit by the rocky shore

with this we were able to bike as well..hahaha biking on water, and on the sand bars.

but then we have to go now.
thank you mother nature for providing us with this. :) this day was good.



kymmism said...

psssssst nice to read again your entries :) im officially back in the blogging world!

jiiya said...

yess! its good to be back sad moi! hahaha i missed blogger.