the straight sitting sixmonth

The past week was another wow for the little one. 

sunday,  6/10/12

Going to school and having to wait for teachers who'd eventually cancel the class, going back to the eye clinic to have my eye checked and buy the necessary medications for its treatment, at least there was something good about the week that was. Amadei was sitting up on her own already without us having to carry her to that position. she's even doing all she can to stay in that position. yeheyy! and yesterday was zzzeee best, she raises both arms to her sides to balance herself sitting up straight, with her back up, no longer slouching., and was successful in doing it! my, my! what a happy, proud mother i am.wahahaha.

Amadei  is also attempting to stand on her own by pushing her arms on meee belly while i am lying down beside her, supporting her body weight with it pushing her upwards so she can stand...though for now she's just semi-standing.heee

Excited for the coming months for new surprises from the little boinky!

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