no color

finally got my first black and whites! and like my first elitechrome i got a lot of wasted shots. thanks to me and my clumsiness..oooh sooo meee. here i go again forgetting that the used-up roll hasn't been rewound yet and ended up opening the back cover. arghhh the umbrella-hat poto-op had been exposed.boo. so much for being really all happy during that day and excited thereafter into having my film developed. anyhoo, my tangingertzz didn't really annihilate all the precious BWs. i guess ill never learn that when using holga-duu i should make sure there'd be sufficient amount of sunlight or at least use the flash. only a few photos survived. out of the 36 shots, i only got around 27 printed and about 15 that are uploadable. aside from the exposed photos, the others were too dark to identify whatever was shot. since using BWs are rare nowadays and the film isn't that all friendly to the pocket, it'll be another long time for me to have another set of these. here goes. 
obviously most are not taken by me..photo credits to chrissy. and thanks for picking up these for me. 


doomed again

i guess it's fate. experiencing almost all the worst experiences with flight schedules is just sooo me. crap. i guess i'm not born to take flights. maybe ill just stay put![BIG BOO!] arghhh. why do they always have to book the wrong flight for the nth time?! i guess i am doomed again. being left behind previously due to drinking the night before my flight was my fault but having two incorrect flight schedules c/o the OFFICE is weird. THANK YOU. i don't know. it might have been my mistake for not checking my ticket that much due to excitement of whatever. it sucks to be me. cursed?! whatever have i done to have all of these. damn! dili nako magpapalit ug ticket nilag balik. they don't really care about your flight requests, they don't really pay much attention to even make sure it's what was asked. oh well im going to be absent for work today. thanks a lot. another minus to my pay.


this song had been playin on my mind since monday after hearing this in NU. miss.miss this one and many of their songs that were sooo good to the ears :)


meet iron man

saturday it was, my prayers were answered! no rain.yey. left home after lunch for another trip to hidalgo to have my B&W developed. too bad we were too late, and it would take around 2-3 hrs for the processing and developing, there was limited time, will have chrissy pick it up this weekend. darn, and i was excited. first task on the list, check. next was to have the ricoh fixed. task not fulfilled. boo. according to every repair shop we visited, it was hard to have old automatics fixed. considering that their parts are all faced-out and our ricoh defenitely needed a replacement somewhere deep inside it. hmph. but sad i was no longer. coz just as we arrived the area, we already spotted this 1963 konica eematic! the place where we found it was another stall but was sort of behind other vendors i think of ukay2. oh yeah was it a great find, according to that other stall where we got the lenscap and the red filter for our vintage camera! hahaha instead of being too darn disappointed with my goodbye to dear ricoh, we were blessed with this one...la la la..still on the getting to know stage with this one. a very different one from my holga, very heavy, body's real metal, very far from my made in china's all-plastic body. 



here we are preparing for our annual tshirt design competition, and i was partly assigned with the things needed for the registration forms and the poster. then as every promo has to go through, we need to submit a copy of our poster and regform to DTI and have it approved. after some revisions for the poster, what i don't see is that they really wanted to see a verbatim of the details placed on the registration form on the poster. what shallow brains they have. when the thought, exactly the same thought is just written there and one need not to be confused about the information printed on the registration form and the poster.sheeesh! why can't they just read it, try to understand the sentences and compare both materials before they keep on telling us that it should be consistent! it's well damn consistent all right! they're just sooooo lazy to even use their brains. crappy government offices.! can never win over them.soooo close minded.shit.


his solo

this morning i got a wall post from iggords askin me if i have heard of brandon boyd's solo album. and so like any other kid who's soo much in touch with her torrents, i got myself a download of the entire solo album. too bad the quality of my download isn't that great when aired via headphones. here's a video of his first single released for the album from HD vimeo.! rarrr.gasalig ka gwpo kaayo ka boanga ka.

oh ricoh

please please, let someone fix this camera this saturday! 
was excited and all for two weeks to get hold of chrissy's camera. then even as i was able to get this, still was not able to test it because unlike dear holga, ricoh needed batteries. my flash's batteries have all been drained and my charger's always in the office. always forgetting to bring any of those together. and now, finally all three plus the cheap film, and soooooosuperduperecxited to let the pop-out flash work and hear how it's shutter sounds it looks like that i still won't be able to use this. boo. i guess the camera right now's not in a good condition at all. and now i just learned that it hasn't been used for nearly a decade! whaaaat?!?!?! no wonder. hahaha better have this looked this saturday. i hope it won't rain so i won't have to dive the murky waters in hidalgo.haha and hopefully have my b&whites by then. 


elitechrome means saturation!

high contrast photos. i finally got them. if i had put it in my mind that this roll i got was a 100asa then i should have better photos. because of my clumsiness i wasted more than 10 shots with brown prints. oh well, first elitechrome anyway, another excuse. haha but it might take me a long time to purchase another roll of this kind coz it's just so costly compared to the usual film i get. photos here.
and now, another visit to hidalgo, got three new rolls and all are what you could call budget films.nyaaahaa.each less than a hundred.. magmantinir satag baratohon for now kai wa nai kwarta. and i hope i'd learn to make use of these 100ASAs.  i still need to have my first B&W developed, wishing the photos would come out well, considering i had some night shots.


agosto uno

we've finally reached our first year! whew! it's not always happy but what do you know, i guess we need to learn from each other. just had a simple hang-out date yesterday, the kind we haven't done for a very looong time. i had a great time yesterday coz we were able to talk just like the old times. haha![as if unsa na kadugaya, basta just like before :)] i'm really glad we made it through the crazy months of blah.blah.blah. and i just hope this time i won't be too sensitive coz it's sooo darn exhausting. hoping for better days, weeks, months and even years.haha we'll see. i'm looking forward to that. thank you lord.